Its been long I am still researching on…

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Its been long, I am still researching on how best to make this blog more interesting for all creative writers, readers and friends of writers. Its wonderful to have this passion, and if you’ve got a brother or sister who is always grabbing a pen to scribble something down, don’t discourage them. I especially like this blogger We schooled together and must have both been scribbling away at the same time in the same school and boarding house (Hostel) but neither of us knew of it. Its a good thing when we choose above all to make our dreams come true. is one cool resource that every writer should try to use maximally or any other blogging platform. I believe one day we all will have that audience we so much desire and our words will not just be lines and curves but would weigh so much in the hearts of people who have found truths, answers, inspirations and lessons. Those who have had fun reading these articles will one day quote them.


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