ITs a Great End To a Great Start: Scripture Union Nigeria finds a New leader

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Today Dad hands over the mantle of leadership. 10years after we drove this road to okigwe in Imo state Nigeria, we are here again.
I did not fully appreciate the enormous span of the seat he was to occupy then. I was but a tiny lad of 12yrs then. The memories I have are blurred but I remember the bandits we crossed roads with. Dad was on the way to accept a calling to love these hoodlums met us with a calling to wrath. We came bearing gifts in the name of the lord, they came armed to the teeth in the name of society gone bad. It was just like the Gethsemane reenacted, Dad grabbed the smallest giggling baby. The innocence in her laugh was a total contrast of the terror in my heart as I found myself stuck in the car alone. I wiggled my leg loose from the mess of bags that caught me and like that disciple that fled Gethsemane naked, I left a leg of sandal for the bandits.
Its 10yrs already, the broken down car could not deter us. The time has come for “the son of man to be glorified”. Yes we have mixed feelings, our hearts are warm while our spines run chills. Its time to cross the finish line and handover the baton. Its not our place to judge but scripture union being all we have had for years, we find through God a family that seems absent but come fighting our cause to uphold. We offer prayers to God for the new leader that the almighty will sustain him and like a cloak he will overshadow him.


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