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Is Pastor Adeboye right?

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Editor's Muse | 0 comments


I think the church is like any other quick fix,  one-stop drugstore.
“If you do this and that,  your life will be better”

“If you marry a wife outside the church,  you will be miserable”.

These are few points I could get from part of Pastor Adeboye’s recent sermons:
– Never marry outside RCCG
– Some girls can sing but they are fallen angels.
– Marry a girl that can pray for more than 1hour.
– She must be a good cook.

Okay I must say here that I have seen “religious” horrible families, they followed all the rules, took marriage counselling sessions. Yet failed and are failing miserably at life.

I really don’t know how to ascertain how many hours people pray,  in fact I doubt if God actually values all the shouting and screaming we do. I don’t know if there is a device that checks who is a fallen angel. I am aware that God is supposed to direct my path to that ideal mate,  I don’t recall anywhere the Bible said it must be in the same “denomination”.  Finally,  the idea that women’s culinary skills is a judge of home-keeping skill is totally out of it…. Most of our mothers hired maids,  had grandma stay over or took in younger relatives who did a lot of the cooking.

In my family,we grew up sharing responsibilities such that no one could really say “mummy is our cook”. It is not a woman’s duty from heaven to cook food for anyone,  cooking food is for everyone’s survival and everyone should ordinarily want to be involved in preventing starvation and eventual death,  right???

I just got back from work and I have been seeing this post about the Pastor’s message. I think church should be a place where real problems are solved,  people are taught to respect each other,  bear each other’s burden,  understand equality, and so on.  We spend a lot of productive hours in religious centres,  can’t we at least feed people’s mind with less bigotry and more of valid life skills??


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