7 Inspiring Thoughts from my Scholarship Story

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Some good news readers! I am so excited to share this with you. I just won a scholarship with the African Real Estate Society.
The details are a long bore but there are some key lessons I want to share with you.

The First: Persistence

Most people who win are not extra skilled, they just try more times than others. I discovered that life is a competition and you have to apply yourself in many places till you hit. Just like the Bible says; cast your bread on many waters. I applied twice for this scholarship and sent countless emails before I got my request.

The Second: Gratitude

Ungrateful people cannot enjoy life and they cannot appreciate growth. I was in a difficult spot in my studies, financially I was on thin ice. A few days back while making a meal, a thought came to me and I realized I still had a lot to be grateful about. I whispered a prayer of gratitude even though I didn’t see any present thing to be grateful for.

The Third: Friends

In my tough situation, I have learned to appreciate friendships. People showed up even though they had nothing to give me. Now more of my friends would send me well wishes and I realize that it does not matter who was there in hard times or good times. When things go well, its just normal for you to have more friends.

The Fourth: Superstition

Someone messaged me after I announced my scholarship. Telling me I should not have shared it. I feel a need to rather help such people and change their orientation. Evil people boast of their rewards, people celebrate them and they make good people feel their goodness is in vain. Why should I hide my story of faith and achievement when I have not earned it fraudulently? My story has been an open book and I believe in God’s faithfulness, I don’t live the life of a victim who is too scared of imaginary enemies.

The Fifth: Family

Immediately I got the email. I sent it to my family and they are so happy. I know they have gradually come to appreciate the kind of person I am. I may be vocal and express displeasure at offense but in all sincerity, I love my family.

The Sixth: Team

The next group of persons to share my joy were my team members at cfwriterz. Although one of us had not had a really good day, they all shared in my excitement and I cannot express the gratitude I have towards these writers who have worked with me closely.

The Seventh: Sunshine

Just before the light comes the darkest of night. In that moment when it’s toughest and you want to give in, take up your pen and write or go to work. Do whatever you do regardless of how dark the moment seems. Light comes just when it seems like it won’t.

Thanks for following my blog and stories. I still want you to be part of my community, to benefit from my thoughts on stories. We can all inspire others with our stories.

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