Independence Day Writer’s Giveaway.

I have an independence day gift for those who have been bugging me about how they can jump-start their writing cruise. I have trained about 15 people privately with this ebook and a lot of the reports from those who purchased it have been awesome.

Now I decided to add some of the things that were missing in the training and repackage it. Just like I repackaged “Discover Stories.”

I have decided to make this FREE download available for just 12 hours. After which this book can only be found on my blog shop.

This download is for:

  1. Blogging enthusiast.
  2. Writers in need of clarity.
  3. Those who need help putting words to paper.
  4. Freelance writers.

THE FREE OFFER expired, sad right? No worries, I have made it easy to purchase a copy and you can check the other free offers I have on my book store. I promise it’s not too expensive. Get “Write Heart” here.


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