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SO MUCH PAPER and too many DULL naija kids that won’t read. Met this cute Man on a BBM channel for Editors, his intriguing posts took me on a search. was such a pleasant surprise to find he was just 10 minutes drive away from me. The kind of book collections I found in his office gives me the chills, I wonder if they get to sell all their books.

It was while I was at Ogbeni’s office that I realized how much the prints means to our world. A lot of institutions depend on the books these guys make, in fact lives depend on the errors that they can repair in some of these archives of our time. So here is his Profile for those who are interested in getting an Editor for their books:

Ogbeni Olaniyi

Boox and Bransador Limited

Location: Ibadan

Call 08060266505 Whatsapp 09097945549 BBM 5907A819 his Editing CHANNEL C003B4E49

I think he should have a website where young writers who need to know how EASY it is to get published can see Ogbeni at work. I may not totally be a Friend of all Ogeni(s) in Nigeria, like the one in Osun State, but I believe in this Man’s capacity to transform your tattered book or storylines into beautiful and reliable works.


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