I Need to SHUT-UP

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I am just sitting here and seeing people walk past. Everyone seems to have something to say.

Tanya is your colleague but she likes to speak more than listen to you!

You have this unnerving feeling about her but you still have to work with her.

I had a bit of a nasty experience today. As a distribution officer for the Independent National Electoral Commission in the ongoing permanent voter’s card exercise, I have had two rough days getting work materials and locating my post. The distribution team was supposed to pick me up at an agreed stop but somehow I ended up almost getting lost in the bid to find my way.

I was let down and had every reason to pipe on about my grievances and of cause anyone who cared to listen would get a ear full. This would probably satisfy me but would only tag me as the “project talkaholic”.

There is always a “talkaholic” in every group, organisation or project. Someone who wants to be heard rather than hear. Don’t let that be you!

How do I then deal with my pain?

1. Assess the issue: is there someone in particular at fault? Is the person within your pay level or authority scale?
2. Approach: Don’t make it a public affair, people rarely apologize in open. If someone is at fault in your workplace, school or church then go to them alone. (Check Matt 18:15…between you and your brother alone)
3. If you don’t know where the fault is from then probably its not worth your energy nor worth sharing.
4. Categorize your problems into 5 mins,hours, months problems – Joel Osteen

5. Finally choose to be happy at all times and prefer listening to talking.

This is how I stop myself from being a liability and burden and allow myself to be an asset to those I work with.

I wish you a most beautiful day.


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