I Just want To Inspire You


Drooping eyelids, razing heartbeats;
we all seek heroic deeds,
All for stories to tell
All for songs to sing.

We all want our names in block prints,
we welcome each day with hearty sprints,
Anticipation our sole companion,
locks us in its firm grip, oh what communion.

We adore the applause,
Mesmerized by the gloss in the crowd’s eye,
Cause in you is my dream come true,
In your loud “likes” and “go ahead” comments;
Is my dream reality.

1 thought on “I Just want To Inspire You

  1. Giorge, Paul, ankushmehta, Thanks for visiting my blog and for liking my articles. I look forward to more interactions from you. I appreciate your presence in this community and would keep posting for you. 🙂

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