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Nigerians are in Denial, even the best among us take the most archaic ploy to self-acquittal. “Its not my fault I became a thief, why did GOD allow me to be hungry”, how would you as a parent like to hear that from your child?

Let’s talk briefly about Descartes, the “Mad Philosopher”. I read him in my first year of school and I remember how we all felt after that lecture we had in the Amphi theatre of the Great Obafemi Awolowo University. We wondered how a sane man could reach such heights of denial! He wondered if he truly was the one writing and stood watching HIMSELF hold the idea of a pen and sit on the idea of a chair…..bla bla.

You would wonder how someone could get so insane right?

From Descartes First
Meditation: “Let me imagine, therefore, not that
there does not exist a true God, who would act as
the sovereign source of truth, but rather an evil
demon, who is cunning, deceptive and powerful,
and who employs every means he can to lie to
me. Let me consider the possibility that all
external things, the heavens, the air, the earth,
colours, shapes and sounds, are only illusions
and deceptions used by this demon to fool me.

Now do you understand him? Why I call him MAD?

Nigerians are the major fans of this kind of attitude or life style, we act and then reason out how to blame it all on an “Act of God or Evil Genius” who is always out to get us.

I stand to be corrected but I uphold creativity and assertiveness in leadership, those who have the responsibility to bring Nigerians back on track spend a larger part of their time and money on witch-hunting parades. There is this “evil genius” who is all out to deceive and manipulate even the civil servant into taking bribes, he teaches INEC officials to abscond duty and he makes your child steal meat. Holding on to a lie My Grandpa told!

What ridicule!

When will this poverty of ideas end, when would we individuals in a failing state map out pathways of integrity and self-discipline. We lack ideas strong enough to rule generations, we lack people who can transcend distance and time.

The Martin Luther Ideology
The Shakespearean
The Marxist
The Cold war Ideologies
Desmond Tutu
Margaret Thatcher.

All Ideas and people who were ready to take responsibility for their lives and to hold humanity accountable for her inhumanity. If your ideas don’t carry weight, check how much you hold yourself and people near you responsible for their actions. EVIL GENIUS is the IDEA that I do not exist so I cannot be held responsible for my actions! I can freely blame crime and lack of civility on GOD or GEJ (Nigerians Know him). This is called poverty of ideas!

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