How to write words that Rhyme

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Damilola Jonathan Oladeji
Most of us avoid writing because of the writer’s block,  we have started a piece in our heads but the words just get lost in transit. Rhyme in poetry is similar but different from what this post is talking about. In this post we are talking about how to make sure your words flow into each other to make one whole expression.

One of the greatest struggles in self expression is getting your words to cooperate. These tips are not limited to informal poems, stories or prose,  they also count when we need to send in an application, write an email, sell or pitch an idea. For as long as your words struggle to blend,  communication remains an arduous task. 

The Way Out:

1. Avoid ambiguous words.
There is always a temptation to pick very difficult words,  probably to prove that we can write too.  I learnt to play the saxophone and in the past 3 years I have hardly played more than the usual major scales. I have become adept at using them to a point that I almost sound like I could play any musical scale. Most times, familiar sounds would serve the need of the moment than using words that make your readers skip a whole line or paragraph for lack of clarity.

2. Understand the purpose of your writing.
Be able to state clearly why you are writing those words,  for example I put this post together to help some of my friends who have been trying to find the writer in themselves. You should know what value or information your reader should get from your works.

3. Don’t expect a perfect first attempt.
Your first draft may never be the last,  you may trash it so many times over before you get the ideal output. So just go right ahead and write the words as they come to you.

4. Do some research.
To make your words fit well into themselves,  your knowledge about the subject is important. I have written articles about at least 7 different countries within 3 days and I had to research about each one of them separately. I felt the strain of work and for a while,  I did not feel like I was going to be writing anything special but when I delivered the work my client was satisfied.

5. Get someone to edit or critique your work.

Peer review is very important, work with friends to achieve a perfect output.

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