How to make Friends?? or Not?

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Friendship is not a compulsory venture but Ignorance of Its Plus-Power could make a whole world of difference; the achiever and the struggler.

Life is connected at so many ends that a dislodged cable could break the circuit. Just imagine in your mind’s eyes the relationships you have and how much detail each of those relationships entail, see then as a network of cables mean’t to transmit current (influence, power, money) from wherever the (Power stations)deposits are to you.

The relationships are the cables, your friends or acquaintances determine the type of energy flow that reaches you in a day. Have you ever had a friend visit and after he/she leaves you feel some new surge of inspiration, you get a new level of information to achieve the next step in life. I followed a friend once to her shop and met my saxophone teacher based on that unprecedented visit to her shop.

The Knots or junctions are the bond to the relationships (cables), how closely knit are you to the right sets of people? Some cables cannot be knot too hard, while some must not be knot too loosely.

Being Bound to the Right sets of People:

I realized at some point in my life that although I spent about 5years of my life around really good friends, they were not the RIGHT cables I may have needed. Your life is headed in a direction and at SSP(Self specific speed). The human journey is not a relative one, it could be parallel to others (People who seem like competition), It could be opposite cables (People who are in your path of life but impair your progress), some are in the same direction but have gone ahead (Mentors, Leaders) and some are adjacent(They usually seem irrelevant but they could easily be a deflection).

Finding the power in the relationships you meet by the way, determine how well your family, personal and business progress would be.

Mathematical Knowledge required:

“Never tighten your grip on opposing personalities, never let go of Mentors and Leaders and don’t be distracted by the competition or you may become adjacent while trying to be like that person who is your Parallel”

Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


  1. Ben Aanen Ogboe

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will surely contact you.

  2. creativeriterz

    its really inspiring to hear from you Ben. I appreciate your comment and definitely we become blogging pals. Just keep writing and reading. you will learn from the community of bloggers. My contact is on this blog so you can reach me. Thanks

  3. Ben Aanen Ogboe

    Hi Jonathan, I saw your comment on poetreecreate and decided to visit your blog. Browsing through your brilliant posts proved quite difficult because am using a mobile phone. I am a Nigerian too and though am not am not as telented as you I face the same limitations. I just statrted blogging some weeks ago and I must say I has been a great experience. Hoping we could be friends but above all am hoping that by the virtue of aur friendship some of your writting still will ruboff on me. Am willing and eager to learn from you. Thanks Ben, from Port Harcourt.


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