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A few times I get urgent messages from friends asking for a last minute help. Most times they want me to write something for them. In a lot of cases they don’t know exactly where they want me to start from. Some of these people work in corporate offices, and they suddenly discover that they need to write to persuade people. No matter what you are doing writing comes demanding. We could do this the easy way or the hard way.

Here is an excerpt from “Write Heart.”


There are books that should never have been written, but we get to read these terrible compilations. I mean, have you heard the statement “crappy book” used on a beautifully packaged book? I know, it hurts. Sometimes the reader has no choice than to conclude that your book is “a piece of crap?”

We will assume you already know how to scribble words, you text and chat already. This book helps you realize that you could maximize your potentials, network, transfer knowledge and influence others with exquisite writing.

You will be exposed to the mind of a writer. learn about the blogging environment and how these translates to personal development and problem solving skills.

Discover Stories

From being able to write and connect through electronic publications. We move on to branding, audience identification, developing perspective and presentations skills. My second ebook “Discover Stories” helps you to say what has to be said with cutting-edge clarity and convince people to subscribe, buy or work with you.

Here is an excerpt:

Beat Fear: A lot of us think that the stakes become higher when we write down our brand statement. But in reality, fear increases because of uncertainties and unidentified risks.

 A brand statement must always have a futuristic tone to it. It shows your confidence in your own competence and ability to do something in the near future. If you are afraid of failure, you may never plan or make extraordinary effort to position your brand for success. 

This Outstanding Offer

Due to the nature of my schedule, I realized I spend a lot of time working for my wonderful clients; website owners and brands. I have been unable to answer too many people or entertain requests for brand statements. This brought me to a decision. I would like to offer you a FREE statement of your business brand which you can share on your blog’s “About” page, social media pages and networks. This offer is only available for 10 brands or businesses that will also get promoted on my blog.

I will also be offering a FREE One hour Writing Seminar with 10 people on Saturdays, twice a month. Note that the writing seminars hold on the second and last Saturdays till this offer is canceled. 14th October is the first for this month, save the date.

All you have to do is purchase one of the relevant books based on what you need and we are set. The book is your ticket to this free services. You can check my about page to familiarize yourself with my credentials.

Some Requirements:

  1. Writing Seminars
  2. Brand Statement

To begin, just order the books from my store, copy your order receipt number and keep it safe. I will be requesting for that after you have signed up for this offer. Fill the form below after you visit and buy from the shop. HERE IS THE SHOP LINK. 

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