Hell’s Gate 2

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“With tears trailing paths down my cheek, my tale is told”

The heartrending view was too much for Pitan, wondering why he could not stomach it “wasn’t this my desire?” He queried his pulsing mind as he cautiously picked his way through the carnage. The grotesque form of mutilated men and their wives, children strewn over and under the pews in their dismembered numbers, Pitan’s figure before the altar stood, shaking with sobs of sorrow.

10 years ago his father had read Mark to him “But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not”….the aged man had been one of the few according to the 13th chapter of that gospel who understood and he led men who were ready to give their life but he (Pitan) had thought it all superstitious at then till everything had been stripped from him.

2020 seemed to be a usual year but not so for the Disciples of the cross as they were known, a tiny pocket of men who seemed to have a way of getting in the center of affairs in major cities in the leading black nation of Nigeria. Bible scholars evidently revered these men for the accuracy in their interpretation of governance and world times and the strides the nation had attained through some of their almost scientific observations of national policy and direction. However like d Sanhedrin, there was a limit to what the dirty politicians could take.

Early that year, Olutayo who sat close to the inner circle of the presidency and who was the father of this devout group had declared “an era of decadence is upon us, that all things written be fulfilled”. This formerly well received voice ushered in new dimensions of persecution for the group. In the same year the great sage’s son came back into Nigeria and when national press quipped him concerning his father he simply said “that is an old fool you hear”. Pitan turned black-sheep and thus ended an era of peace and progress.

He just stood transfixed as the shadows behind vestry began to reveal a strange image. The deserted church auditorium had grown strangely cold as the friends of the President’s family and their groom’s guests had fled. That scripture flashed back through his shrouded thoughts as he gazed upon the most abominable scene ever…..

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