God is The Destination:Find the Roadmap in writing?

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The text I considered today is John 14:5-14. I will bring out the essential power that exists in the written word and how it relates to MAN’S direction through existence.

Salient facts I drew from the scripture:
– There is no two-way to God or ultimate achievement. The roadmap is the simplest because there is only one way. God loves Mankind that much but we complicate matters by assuming that the road could be MULTI.
– The Path had to BE MADE by the Path, you do not write what you have not been. Or the power in your words are borrowed. Jesus walked “Jesus Street”. His disciples started the discuss by querying “we do not know where you go” then he told them “I am the way to that place I am goin”
– It is the roadmap that confirms you are still on the path, if what you are reading leaves you confused about the destination then it has no POWER to direct you!!
– The destination is always CONFIRMED in the words you read and the things you SEE by “road signs and wonders”

Evaluate today what direction your writing gives to the reader and ensure you have walked the path, then your writing becomes more than creative, It becomes a flow of the power of CREATiON…. And God said “LET there BE Light”

– Destination = light existing
– God = Father of lights
– Let = Its in My POWER

Anyone who reads this and believes the weight of those words, should be able to wield the same.

Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


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