Glorified Curses In the Name of God

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If you have been following my blog you would notice the sections here like the Horny Christian, Logical Theist, Fiction and Poetry. I would be doing more of personal posts that would aim to expose my thoughts and at the same time challenge issues which I know are burdensome to me and to a lot of people around me.

Today I trekked to and from Church because I did not have smaller denominations to pay my fare, I stubbornly told myself I was doing right by making it a duty to be part of a congregation. Eventually I arrived church, they were singing and dancing as expected.

A lot of things happened in the Church that I enjoy and there are a lot also that I found really unsettling. I will talk about two specific ones that are relevant to the African or Nigerian believer or theist:

1. False Prophesies: I looked up definitions of Prophesies.

verb (prophesies, prophesying; past and past participle prophesied)To speak or write with divine inspiration; to act as prophet. [from 14th c.]To predict, to foretell. [from 14th c.]intransitive Christianity To speak out on theBible as an expression of holy inspiration; topreach. [from 14th c.]

Should Prophesies be always good? No since not everything in our world is good, so the future cannot always be good. Yet prophesies are classified in scriptures as tools for edification, building people up. What’s the point of telling someone about the “bad” future if there was no way out?

Should Prophecies be accurate? Yes!

Today at church, Pastor said that there were 7(seven) people who were seeing animals in their dreams. I know I must have seen animals one time or the other in my dream so its certain that there would be 6 other people who have been seeing animals too, we see all manner of things in our dreams.

This to some extent does not yet raise any alarm in my head not until;

2. Evil Declarations: Pastor went on to say that the 7 people who came out for prayers had to fast and pray the next day. He said they are supposed to “Kill” the animals in their dreams with prayers and the result for one of them would be that someone in their family would die.

Notice that he had just declared that someone would die based on prayers, how would you feel if someone died because you said they would? If you are happy about people dying by your prayers or words, then you are probably not different from the terrorist who carries a gun or blade in the name of God.

The students shouted for joy, they have been raised to believe that this manner of belief is good.

– There is no way to substantiate these predictions?
– They were random and vague.
– There is no justification for wishing people dead.
– Why can’t you pray for God’s protection from evil spirits even if they truly are after you, must you pray for the death of another human?

This is being logical about your beliefs, this is being sensible, being human. It is prophesies like these that separate families, they create suspicion and division. If truly this Prophesy would be beneficial, it should be specific enough to point out who it refers to, the person particularly involved and should not create a canopy of suspicion for 7 young people and their families.

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