Get Moving: Hell and Destruction are never full

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Breakthrough is here

Never relent till you are free
Never imitate freedom
Never accept something like freedom
Change what you see
Run towards what you see
#Grace for achievement introduces divine association/friendships.

I saw in a night’s vision a man who for the search of service/purpose/destiny got enslaved and his adversaries beat hard in pursuit of him to bring an end to him. Outside in the open field he could see liberated ones who had escaped the doom that was about to swallow him, so he ran faster till he joined those in the field. The name of that field was called “Comfort Zone” free but not yet free. The field was compassed round with a wall to keep this people within the premises and anyone who recently escaped into the field had rags to distinguish them and unless a change of clothe was acquired, this young man would be dragged back into the building called “shame”.

I see GOD tearing off that clothe that identifies you with the past In Jesus Name.

Then came to this young man, advice. That he should merely imitate the apparel of those on the field and continue with them but he could see afar off the gate to liberty.

Eph 1:18 God is opening your eyes to total change of identity right now in the Name of Jesus.

Then he had a friend, like David had a friend in 1sam 23:16 who pushed him towards the gate till they got their freedom. This friend also had waiting a car that would take them far away from bondage.

May the law of Divine Association bring you to perfect liberty in career, faith, business, health, Emotions in Jesus Name.

John 8:36 if the son therefore shall make you free… shall be free indeed. If you are yet without faith in the Son, you don’t have to remain so. Just whisper a repentant prayer in the Name of Jesus and you will have a testimony today!

Happy new week.



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