Garri for Breakfast is Real, this is Wild Poetry, This Collection is an Encyclopedia for the Modern Poet.

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Seun is a wild poet, a rebellious mind that attracts the world and bundles all of life into tiny verses. I have not seen a dictionary of poetry but this collection comes close to being an encyclopedia of his life, the life of a poet, a bit about women, love and the intimacy between father and son. He shows the battle that many contemporary poets fight every day, between trying to follow the rules of poetry and getting our young minds into the streets and curating drama in the mind of readers. He talks about Amala, he talks about Mammy water girls of Akoka and I think he was referring to UNILAG girls and their sexual prowess, maybe giving a fair warning to those whose male organs function without caution.

I love his letter to “L”, his concepts are intriguing. I realized what it means to see rape from the eyes of a poet who works for the Law, his Philosophy about the law and Justice can be found on the trims and edges of his poetry. He has a firm grasp of his pen and commands his words to do what he pleases. You know when I read the last few pages and i was expecting an orderly well scripted “About the Author”, he again flings aside my expectations and uses allows the poetic license to do what it desires, he never really wrote about himself. Yet the poetry book was tailored around his life, his father, his Love and the streets of Lagos. This romance is one that is not obvious but the poet distracts you with so much humor and word play while telling you a story that encompasses two generations of life and more if possible. The actual poem “Garri for Breakfast” was a single verse, it was brisk and Seun did not patronize me with unnecessary Jargon. He is straight to the point and as plain as the garri without sugar or milk that enters a stomach and the stomach that is covered by a well ironed suit.

He lets us know that life in itself his full of simple things hidden behind a collection of complex twist and turns. I am not only inspired to see the world around me, to be more aware, to be more observant, Seun has given me the license to be free. Like he says “Christ never imitated anyone, so I’ll Imitate him”.


  1. odunayo

    i was opportuned to read a bit of this piece,and i so loved it,because it heightened my imagination skills,you spoke to my emotions.. Great Piece.

    • creativeriterz

      Odun thanks for dropping a comment and sharing your thoughts.


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