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  • 1hr+video training on optimizing Fiverr for profit.

  • 2 Presentation slides on writing profitably.

  • Essential Freelancer’s Starter Pack. 

  • Optimize Writing: Transcend the Impossible (A collection on writing resources, tools and opportunities to publish or make a profit from writing). 

  • Writing: The Business & Art (From training I shared in Nairobi Kenya with Writer’s Guild Kenya) 

The first time I shared my Freelancer cheatsheet, I had close to 60 downloads in 24 hours! I figured that there are a lot of people looking into freelance and Fiverr. The world is changing and so it adds up that people are looking for every new way to sell their skills online.

The freelancer cheatsheet alone has helped hundreds of people like you to optimize their freelancer profiles and start growing profit. If you have a Fiverr account, you can use the knowledge I share to improve your sales.

On the 29th of June, 2020, I woke up to a messages on my apps. It felt like a great day already. I could see my Fiverr Notification. So, I swiped in and checked. That was the day I made my first big Sale on Fiverr! It took all of my willpower not to go off on a cruise boat just to celebrate the sale. I know $650 is not a big deal for some people. Yet, making a sale like that every other day could be the difference between being broke and getting by or freaking rich!

It started out with me making a sale of $295. I created a gig for ebook curation and design. I help businesses design their lead magnets. I got a 5-star. Businesses are paying for all manner of services everyday!! Fiverr has become my go-to marketplace for finding these businesses.

$650 IN A DAY!

I think every creative person should know what I know!! My first big sale took about 3 days of back and forth with the prospect. I offered them a $500 deal but they ended up offering me $650 to do some extra work.

With the right amount of commitment and time, you can do even more than I have. So if you want in, just let me know. If you know someone who can do with some pocket change,share this with them. I am about to make you a ridiculous offer. What if I told you that I would be offering you my complete freelancer training kit for just $27. I have found out that just a little extra information is usually all it takes to get amazing results.

“$Hundreds of Dollars in daily Sales Without a Fake Freelancer Account”

You won’t ever need to lie and create fake identities to sell on Fiverr. These are old tricks that aren’t necessary and might even get your account banned. THE ONLY BARRIER TO SELLING ONLINE is information. A lot of freelancers think that Fiverr discriminates against them based on their looks or location. I don’t think you will find a fairer marketplace than Fiverr out there. Everyone gets a chance to compete. In my book “Essential Freelancer’s Starter Pack” I provide a detailed walk-through of freelance platforms and opportunities to sell your services online.

Price - $27

Just before you continue, let’s say you are still wondering how this training pack will help you. I would like to share with you 3 things you can do right now to optimize your sale on Fiverr or other platforms. I have had the opportunity to work with Germans, Americans, Britons, and several other amazing brands. I am a writer living and working freelance from Africa. I am sharing this information to help you discard your fear about location and other barriers to selling. The only barrier is your willingness to put in the work. Freelance writing gives me the opportunity to work with international clients FROM HOME. 

  • I have worked with several brands on Fiverr with a majority giving me a FIVE-STAR review. This is not counting my clientele across social media platforms. 
  • Finding these high profile clients would not have been possible without freelance platforms. Imagine all the income you could generate from exposing your services to more people all over the world. 
  • With Fiverr alone, I have had huge success as a brand storyteller and copywriter. I think that you deserve the same opportunity as I have seen. 
  • I keep getting my buyer requests and completing orders. Sometimes, I have to hire a team to complete my jobs. IT GETS TOO MUCH!
I have used the same principles that have landed me sales on social media and other digital platforms. These methods, tools and secrets are the same that top digital entrepreneurs have used for dropshipping, social media marketing, and across various platforms & industries. It doesn’t matter how you look, sound; the colour of your skin, your age or how much money you have. All that matters is that you can solve problems that people have with your skills. If you are a writer like me, this information will change everything for you. Even if you are not a writer, you will learn the same process that works for your digital skills. Selling online follows the same principle irrespective of what you are selling. You are probably going to quit your other job and become a full-time freelance writer. I set a target for myself in April of 2020. In 30 days, I had earned from projects just a little shy of a thousand dollars.

Price - $27

I kept getting complaints from a lot of freelancers. They ask me how to optimize their gigs for increased sales. I have decided to let you in on my secret.

These 3 elements of your gig needs attention:

1. Your copy: writing the body of the gig or your offer is the first and most important step. Clarify what you are selling in as few words as possible but with enough detail for your buyer to decide to buy.

2. Sample: include images or portfolio samples with your copy. Clients respond well to visual evidence of your proficiency. 

3. Designs: do your graphic design with your buyer in mind. Let the design summarize your copy

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