#Fiction: Red Metal 3

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The door finally clicked shut, blood stains had started to dry off on the key panel and glazed steel surface of the door. The Air Conditioning system had been on full blast all along, Purple pulls her tattered clothes together. It felt like being trapped in a vault but Purple finally got a chance to breathe, she lets out a big sigh and slides to the ground with one hand still tied to the table that had just saved her life. Everything in the room is wood and metal or wires, she looks around teeth chattering but it’s all metal, leather, and wood.

The whole house was silent, strangely silent that Purple had to check her cuts again to confirm that Justin had just killed Dapo and was probably out there cooking up a plan to smoke her out. A thought struck her mind and immediately she scampers up from the floor, runs around pulling chairs and equipment -he could have another secret door in here-

A buzzing sound starts to filter around then a flickering Led light reveals one TV screen and another and another, till the whole studio was surrounded by TV screens. All the screens showed different parts of the house and compound including the studio, neatly arranged all round the walls of the studio.

“I can’t take this anymore! What kind of animal did I marry?” Purple screams at the TV closest to her.

“Please just let me go, Justin, I won’t tell anyone”

A slow evil chuckle.

“oh I know you won’t, you will do exactly what I want and then I will kill you”


She slides to the floor and the reality of her helpless situation fully dawns.

–gzz gzzz gzzz-

There is something else making that sound, not the TVs…

Purple looks up and she could see her mobile on the bed stand, the phone screen flutters and it vibrates but she cannot see whose number was on the screen.

One of the cameras in the Master bedroom seemed to be just opposite the big couple’s bed and Purple realized that all along Justin must have been watching them make love, the other CCTV camera in the room was at an angle that showed the entrance. The first camera starts to zoom in on the screen, slowly and steadily like as if he was taunting her.

“Nooooo not her, please leave my mom out of this”

Purple crawls to the screen, her bloody hands soil the surface as she frantically scratches at the screen as if to pull out the phone. She sees Justin walk into the room on the other cam, he picks the phone and smiles.

“Hello mommy,…”


“we are all fine”

“Yes she is really good, cooking at the moment”

“No, you don’t have to do that ma”

“we will be so grateful”

“Just buzz at the gate when you get here”

The call ends and purples scream fill the whole house, the mic seemed to cover every space in the house so he could hear her scream and cry.

He presses a button on his console, the house grows quiet but he could still see her on the monitor screaming and hitting at the screen which was tamper proof. He feels the surge of excitement, slides into a swivel chair and hoists his feet on the table to get that much-needed nap.

This story was originally published on my facebook timeline.

Episode 1 Episode 2


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