#Fiction: Red Metal 2

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His eyes were dead cold, he seemed to know how to make every contact as painful as the previous one. His precision was a part of his nature that had always scared Purple, he could never be a minute late nor would he arrive a date one second earlier. His hands slid over her hair and he yanked hard, pulling out just the right amount to torture every hair root on Purple’s head.

Her voice was hoarse from crying, she could only whisper and mouth her words. She appealed to whatever sign of humanity she could see in his gestures but it was like grappling water while drowning. He took a set of the surgical blade and licked the cold steel, the blade cut his tongue just as his deliberate taunt sent chills down every inch of skin on Purple’s body. He grabs a handful of hair again and starts using the blade to pry the bundle from her scalp, Dapo’s body shifts slightly on the floor where he had been dragged. The crazy thing was the fact that he seemed to be having an erection, the duo turns to look. Justin chuckles,

“Your boyfriend is having what is known as the death erection, that’s very common when idiots like him receive a shot to the head. Even their deeds follow them in death… ”
he drops the surgical blade and walks over to the body.

“I will be right back, let me just get rid of this,” he says after grabbing the body and he drags it out of the room.

The door is slightly ajar and Purple suddenly feels a surge of adrenaline, here was a chance to get her knots untied. She starts to curl her fingers, prying at the knots that latched her to the operating table. She wiggles and twist, biting her lower lip so as to muffle the urge to cry in pain. She pries one hand lose, by this time heavy footfalls could be heard from the living area of the house.

She frees both legs and struggles with the knot, on the other hand, she could see the door of the master bedroom and through the passageway. She knows she cannot get the knot undone in time so she grips the handle of the bloodied table she had been lying on, twists it around and pushes it in slow run till it slams the door shut. She closed the door just in time to see Justin running at the door, he starts to pound heavy kicks at the armored door.

“Open up woman! You have nowhere to go!”

his voice sounded inhumane, her shaking fingers ran all over the door’s security panel. Her bloody hands painted the keypads, so she just randomly pressed all the keys repeatedly

“God just save me this once, give me another chance” her tears ran in torrents and blurred her vision. She knew there had to be a reset button that would lock the door from the inside so she continued punching every key over and over again. The heavy steel table kept the door in place momentarily…..

This story was originally published on my facebook timeline.

Episode 1 Episode 2



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