#Fiction: Red Metal 1

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He had a knife and made incisions, carefully carved to almost tickle and bleed. “don’t do this… ” Purple had to beg even though she felt like demanding or commanding him to let her go.

He smiles and shifts the mobile steel rollers just so he could have a better view of her belly button and her piercings, he looked at the ring attached to it and yanked it out. A blood-curdling scream reverberates in the studio but just outside the night was still and calm.

When Justin was building his house he had specifics for this corner of the house, “12 inches wrought Iron and sound proof paddings” he laid out his building plan and the engineers wondered if he was really a singer or some genius who secretly runs some security construction. He had military grade specs, his plan was not the usual and he had made everyone on the team swear an NDA with a Death clause. This means, no one knew how to get into this part of the house, no one could hear any sound while he recorded and not while he was cutting purple into bits.

Some weeks back he had left for a concert, it was meant to be for a day but he called Purple to explain he would be coming back in 3weeks. She was miserable “what do I tell anyone who asks? We should be on our honeymoon!” tears ran down her face.

The main house is Large, no other occupant, not even a security detail. The systems were automated so only Purple could let anyone in, which she finally did in the second week. Dapo had known purple all his life and sometimes he wished he did not miss out on that one-year NYSC program, they could have been together, maybe she would not have chosen Justin.

“Hi Dapo” her sobs muffled her voice,
“Purple, why are you crying? You should be having a swell time with Justin….”

A little more crying from her end and some bits of explanation about being home alone, got Dapo on the next bus to town and he was with her within the hour.

It was not long, the two fell into unexpected bump-ins, some inappropriate look time after time, and they ended up doing the honeymoon on Justin’s behalf.

He had his house built with full CCTV cams and sound detectors, his master bed even had heat sensors so he knew when Dapo released in his bride. He saw, heard and felt every intense moment, his fear was confirmed.

It was a light knock on the Master room that roused the lovers, Dapo’s head was pounding… His upper torso went rigid and he kept up to check the door. “shhhh…..” he gestured to Purple who curled up with the white sheet and glared with the big white of her eyes showing her trepidation.

Dapo darts to the door placing a palm heavily against it, he peeks at the keyhole. It sounded just like a like ignition click and a hiss, a silenced headshot through the door dropped Dapo. She only saw him slump so she flung herself off the bed and ran to him as the door swung open to show a smiling Justin.

She turned to make a run for the window but he was far too strong and fast for her to cover that distance. His fist struck her left temple and she swooned but it was only a blow to incapacitate her.

“Don’t kill me Justin, who are you!!!” she screamed, again and again, causing more blood to sputter from her torn belly……


This story was originally published on my facebook timeline.

Episode 1 Episode 2



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