Farmyard Diary: Till death do us..

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“Its not easy, at all at all”…Lazarus grumbles and continues his click clucking all around the yard. “Gone are the days wey I for don reach mainroad tey….mtcheeew, dis oloshi (vulgar) people come tie my air motor (pronounced mo tore)”….

“If you don’t shut up for that side wey u dey, some of us they try balance for here ooo” it was the “baby factory” ring leader, giving Lazarus a piece of her mind. The ladies in the egg room had been around, long before Lazarus came in with Mona. While the other layer hens approved the way Susan had lashed out at Lazarus, they wondered when their next door neighbour would quit his masquerade dance.

Thomas the turkey was the sole surviving male turkey left to make babies for the “owners”, it was really sad prospects for him, 3 other guys before him had taken their turns at the slaughter. Only one of those three had a go with Maryam. “Its you and I” he sang stupidly in a most annoyingly sad harmony, took a peek at the hole in the door “its not my day to die Maryam, come let’s have fun tomorrow may be too late”. Maryam edges away, feigning shyness…

“Get it over with!” Applause as the new negro neighbours cheer Thomas on. No one was really sure what sort of people these ones were, but they sure were hungry, angry and gullible. The “negro camp” had no ring leader but of cause they championed any cause that was worth their hungry anger. “Shhhh…..quiet”….one who seemed to be the most poorly fed was addressing them now since Maryam had pecked Thomas off and the show was over. “You know we have been here only a week”….the others nod in affirmation “well, anyone here having any slightest desire to lay any eggs better disband and discard such”…….

To be continued.
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Till death do us….


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