Faithful Adulterer: 3 (15/7/2014)

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It is such a sad tale, I could see the future and it was not that bright for that window across the street, Daniel’s glow was dying, Victoria is wife spent less time singing these days and more time at the fairs, the city since January or some time about then has been flocking with the endless streams of fairs, Job fairs, clothing, books, make-up fairs and all the likes. It had changed the colour of our side of town. Where we were used to seeing flabby chested retired women who didn’t care less if their underlings were in public glare, we now had assortments of young spirited beauties traipsing the street. There was so much glamour but it was sad, I could see the men changing habits. The draft tables at the local pubs looked scantier, more men came home earlier than later, and they changed their work clothes for more fitting attire. The pattern of association shifted too, Mrs. Adesola used to cross the streets almost every afternoon to visit my neighbours to the right but not these days. The Opadirans’ are assumed by all to be the literal definition of church mouse, the Husband was local revivalist who managed to keep a scanty congregation; this I must say is worthy achievement considering the age we are in.

The future had come. Generations after generations claimed the world was at its end, churches boomed with revivals, the pews used to be full at least so far as I could remember, but the times in which this story exist was different, no one cared anymore for “old fables” as they tagged the preacher’s morning cries. Probably only men in their late 60s and early 70s could still be found strutting to the make-shift structure that was serving as a church. For miles and miles into the core of the city, that remained the only church to be found, if anyone cared to look. Back in the days, we would sneak into Cybercafes at night to download pornographic videos, swallowed in the euphoria of stolen goods, now I could see Porn on the streets, in the shop windows, from my porch I saw satan walk free. Night time spoke a different language, the cool of the evening could only be felt as far as Adesola Drive was concerned probably because the street was as yet the most religious in the city with a church membership of 2 Old men, one homeless child and a goat. This was really what the end could be like at its worst, the adjoining streets would reek of alcohol for weeks, months and public orgies were the order of the day. The capitalists had taken over the cities all over and you get what you pay for or pay for what you get, it was all about the drive for money and pleasure and the fairs. We never knew it was spreading our way.

This quiet street had managed to survive the riots and the wild parties, it even had seen the establishment of gay rights as the only law while you had to fight for rights to be celibate or chaste. I used to assume this place was immune to the decay and our quiet lives would have ended peaceably had she not been sent here, Tonia the harlot o’ doom I called her. The national council for order was in charge of who lived where, so long as you had no money to “buy your life” as it was termed. The constitution stated that “All persons living within the jurisdiction of the state powers was property of the state and had rights subject to the provisions allowed in the state laws”. The greatest law of all was NO LAW.
  Eph 1:18    The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what the hope of his calling is, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints. Do we have the church because the constitution and moral society defines good the way the Bible describes it? Would the church die out if we no longer had reasons to fear retribution for wrong done? Why do I claim to have a faith in Jesus?

Ponder: when our moral sense of judgment is set aside and we learn to live by laws that surpass the realms of this earth, then are we sons, yes sons of the most high!


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