Facebook Advertising: 4 Samples of Ad Copy Writing for Social Marketing

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The cost of Facebook advertising is definitely growing and users seek results from sponsoring advert promotions. First, we must be clear that successful Facebook advertising relies a lot on three things:

  1. A properly written advert.
  2. Organic audience marketing.
  3. Inorganic or promotional audiences.

For every business, it’s important that you realize that advertising is futuristic and hardly instantaneous except when you are operating as an already established brand. For example, it’s very likely that you would sell Cusson Baby Powder or Cadbury Bournvita within a few days of running ads. This is because the brands in question have years of customer base and you as a promoter are doing the job of locating these customers.

This may not be the same experience for businesses who are just starting and who have little or no market penetration yet. The target in your case is to increase your reach, be more visible and offer immediate value. Your products and services are awesome, but you need baits to either capture new market or “steal” from other already existing brands.

This is why we write adverts for Facebook advertising. Recently, ten (10) users on my Facebook list got the opportunity to have their adverts written at a subsidized rate.

facebook advert

Included with this promotional offer was:

  1. A customer profiling based on Facebook ad targeting metrics.
  2. Recommendation of lead magnets based on search engine popularity.
  3. A feature on my blog.

The Four (4) businesses who followed through on the offer have also earned a space here on my blog. These samples would help you have a good idea of how your adverts should look. This is a guide, and you have a freedom to write your own adverts your own way. However, I wrote these ads with some cardinal concepts in mind:

  • Brand Stories that are appealing to specific audiences with common pain points. You must be able to identify your prospect’s pain and proffer solutions.
  • A personal and conversational style. It’s very tough to sell to people without being obvious. Research on advertising shows that people don’t like to be sold to.
  • Catchy keywords. It’s important to understand trigger words and phrases that your prospect has in mind when looking for solutions.
  • Call to Actions. Your advert needs to have a clear and concise call to action. It’s advisable to avoid multiple instructions.

The Samples

  1. A Mobile Video training by Storried:

    Can you remember the stories that have stuck with you since the beginning of the year? Most likely videos would come tops on your list. We are fascinated by videos just like you are!! It’s exhilarating to see the possibilities as they rapidly unfold around us.
    Youtube is flooded with over 500 million video channels but you know what? The numbers keep counting? People want to watch videos more than anything!!

    What if we told you that your mobile phone is all you need to shoot videos powerful enough to keep a thousand viewers glued to their screen?What would you do if you don’t have to spend a dime on studio equipment, or hiring a production crew? Would you finally create that mindblowing story you’ve always imagined could change the world?

    Storried is here with a simple solution. Join this comprehensive training and get resources for mobile video production. You also get premium access to a growing community of filmmakers, producers, and content creators. It’s a 100% win for you!!

    This could be a big opportunity to run your own business and make some side-cash using your mobile phone. This opportunity is what you need to become an elite blogger, writer, photographer, videographer or animator. All you need is a mobile phone! Awesome!!
    Bring your stories to life with video and animation. These classes are interactive and participatory. Also, trainees are certified and exposed to practical hands-on training by industry experts like:

    – Sola of UR4AFRICA
    – Andy of STORRIED

    Training holds at Lekki, Lagos State. Cost of training is #18k. You can get #3k off by registering today! Connect with Storried on Facebook.

  2. La’tyna Skin Solution:

    Stop struggling alone. Skin problems could be embarrassing but we have just the right answer to give you the perfect glow. Acnes and spots affect the largest organ in your body; the skin. This protective covering is also what creates an impression of beauty, finesse, and healthy living. Everybody likes people who have beautiful skin, don’t you?

    Your skin says a lot about who you are and a beautifully tended skin could be the exact confidence boost you need. Having beautiful skin is both healthy and a confidence booster. Now you can show off that perfect tone to your friends and family.A lot of skin care enthusiasts complain about expensive solutions which only leave you with terrible skin conditions.

    We have done all the worrying for you!!With La’tyna we are in the business of making you look exotic! Plus it’s now pocket-friendly, no need to churn out all your savings for expensive lightening creams. This organic and natural skin care product keeps your skin soft, smooth and moisturized. You are also guaranteed perfect skin tones with balanced pigmentation all over your body. No need to worry about discolouration or messed up skin, La’tyna does not leave dark knuckle patches and blemishes. We have taken all your skin care needs into consideration.

    Now you can achieve that perfect skin and make heads turn effortlessly. Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? Place your order right now and achieve immediate results within seven days!! Connect with La’tyna on Facebook.

  3. Body and Mind Whisperer Networking Ad:

    Here is my genius method for creating Multiple income streams from skin care, health, and beauty.  One day I discovered I wanted more from life.

    A little financial freedom, travel and doing exactly what made me happy!!What’s the point of having a full time job and you have no peace or fulfillment? It’s harder when you are not even a source of inspiration or value to people who look up to you. This was my situation till I discovered Oriflame.

    This Network of business minded, smart and industrious individuals are creating a beauty and health revolution all over the world. We are not just super-retailers, we are value chain distributors providing health and beauty solutions to a booming market.Within a few months, you can achieve your financial goals, change your lifestyle, even become an in-demand health and beauty consultant.

    This job is the kind of financial and career upgrade that can be achieved on a full-time or part-time basis. You don’t even need to quit your job! With Oriflame, we give you the products, plus hands-on training and support till you break even. Our product range covers skin care, hair, body care and cosmetics. The capital required covers your products and training plus support. This is a one-time payment of #36, 000. No hidden charges and you can start earning immediately!! Connect with Body & Mind Whisperer on Facebook.

  4. Bdellium Organic Chicken Ad:
  • Chicken cravings are real. Every weekend, it’s owambe. On weekdays you just want to impress that special someone with a lovely restaurant experience. What if your chicken is not just chicken?In a crowded city like Lagos, you can easily count off your fingers seven superb spots to get that peppered chicken. Yummy, meaty and flavoured chicken that hits all the right spots.Then you return home to headlines saying that frozen chicken is actually bad for your health. These importers preserve them using formalin! Your chicken is embalmed like a dead human.Will you stop eating chicken? Or refuse to take your family back to your favourite restaurant? Maybe even get depressed over it. A lof of people worry about the health implications.

    You even think all chicken sellers sell poisoned chicken.

    No, you can still have that delightful chicken, laced with red pepper, grilled and carved just right. This time it’s organic, and you know what? You are taking away jobs from smugglers and giving our industrious organic farmers a big boost.

    This is Bdellium’s awesome chicken craving; healthy yummy Chicken for all. You need to place some orders, make a memorable owambe for your loved ones with:

    1. The Village Chicken.
    2. Purebred Nigerian Chicken.
    3. Organic Eggs.

    All organic!!

    Want more from poultry? We distribute Egg powder and locally produced vaccines nationwide. The local vaccines keep chickens healthy and strong just how we like them to be.
    Connect with Bdellium on Facebook.


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