Enemies at Work

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“There is that girl at work that’s always looking for ways to get me sacked, she thinks I’m getting too much benefits and she is more qualified. She’s “my enemy at work,” that person who makes life unbearable.”

Does that sound familiar?

Some situations require actions not revival prayers, we live by faith but our dominion is established by actions. Faith without work is dead, don’t be such a meek Lion that you start looking like a stray dog.

It is almost impossible to avoid making enemies, feelings of acrimony come along with teams. Those projects that require teams are usually plagued with divisive elements, people who are always comparing their achievements with others. They think they deserve more than everyone else even when they make little or no effort to move the team forward.

This is Difficult

It is usually difficult to partner with people like this and sometimes we even lose the enthusiasm for doing what we love because of these set of people. Sometimes you enjoy your work and office but there is just that one coworker who makes life a living hell, they seem to derive pleasure from seeing you fail. The aim of such people sometimes is Just to see you lose your Joy and drive, the moment you start finding the office environment unbearable and sad productivity drops.


There is a need to be assertive and take decisive steps to address people, learn some confrontational skills. You should not be bullied out of your dreams, no one should project their miserable existence on you. There are some things you should avoid:

– Don’t start to blame yourself for the other person’s negativity, take charge of your own emotions and hold others responsible for theirs.
– Anticipate and expect negativity, work is not for the weak-willed. Some times we must war, being kind or a Christian should not make us too scared to fight for what we love.
– Speak out and don’t give the other party any chance to secretly oppress you, confront them on the spot and this would disarm negative coworkers in most cases. Evil thrives in secrecy and bad blood is evil.
– Know when to say no, say it without apology. A lot of us find it hard to displease others, especially at our own cost and peril. It is a wonderful virtue to give to others our time and effort but we should put a limit and say NO when we need to say so.
– Don’t try to please everyone, it is practically impossible. Sometimes we fail to deliver our main job while trying to make others happy, neglecting our primary assignment is a sure way to failure.

Eventually we fail to attain the fulfillment we desire because we are trying to make friends with everyone, the work place is not always a place for bonding. Sometimes work is war! It is possible to meet lifetime friends at work but we should never jeopardize our chances of enjoying work experience by trying to please everyone, there will always be “enemies at work”.

This week determine to be happy irrespective of the bad blood you perceive from coworkers, determine to say “No” a little bit more. Face your fears and don’t be intimidated from doing what would make you maximize your potentials.



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  1. Tosin

    Always do the right thing, including saying NO. It is wisdom to know that saying ‘NO’ when necessary can be the right thing to do.
    Trying to please everyone is a recipe for disaster.
    More ink to your pen


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