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Hi there whoever ends up reading this guess I should first bore you with a bit about my life I am hungry right now typing this in my uncle’s office on campus ..yeah he is a Lecturer a Professor at that, Yes i plan to be a lecturer to god helping me I have spent today doing an assignment that should normally take ages to complete didn’t sleep at night was writing the assignment out and then did a little bit of work on macromedia flash am doing a small project on it for some friends anyway should have started my assignment earlier I won’t have had to go thru the trouble of writing fast hoping to submit in time that done I went to Ipetu a town some 3omin drive away from my school to make some enquiries am back now on campus got a lecture in about huuuhhh…. 13minutes will have to be quick with this.

What do you do when you are tempted to do something thats wrong. The first thing is what determines right and wrong thats a question a lot of us prefer to keep personal something like “I will like to make my own opinions reserved”, “you don’t have to impose your ideas on me” and all sorts of ways we try to avoid pointing fingers staring us in the face but let me just tell you the first step to doingwhat is right is acknowledging your limitations know that even the things you term right may end up being wrong assume there is a general rule os perfection that we don’t know about will your list of right and wrong fit into it perfectly? it most likely will not cause value judgement over time and generations has been truncated by the insincerity of mankind and love for evil its an innate desire in us to do evil cause of the desires attached to it as long as we continue to live with the aim of gain always our determinant then we are bound to make value judgements that may not necessarily benefit the life of any other person than ours and may even end up hurting people but then who wants to do anything without a reward….. Got to go now i know its boring to read but just think on it, it will be less boring in your own skull bye for the day or maybe not for the day for the time then…..


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