Does God Pick fights?


Just recently I wrote about having erections during Church service, some of the comments I got on the post and on Facebook have provoked even more pertinent questions about divinity and the supernatural parts of being human.

I started wondering if God actually scrolls through all our minds when we are praying, I know sometimes I definitely do not even plan to pray but I just go ahead and do it out of habit. Sometimes I am in a terrible state, I know I should be wallowing in self pity, revisiting all the terrible deeds of the day but I would just curl up on my bed and mutter incoherently. Sometimes I lose my shame and groan with hopes that my tears would actually lead me to some exceptional experience but obviously God has his own agenda and he is not distracted by pettiness.

I stumbled on a post by Olubunmi Mabel, she says:

If God was to answer our prayers based on how focused and less distracted we are during prayers, seriously, we’d have an avalanche of unanswered prayers.

Before I started praying this morning, I was thinking of what to have for breakfast. The thoughts entered my mind while praying, and behold, a breakfast idea crept into my head.


But really, I can’t say if I was thinking about it o. May be God put it in my heart. That’s a possibility. God cares about every aspect of our lives, including what to have for breakfast when you’re confused.

Have you experienced distractions while praying? Care to share?


one of the distractions I frequently have is the fear of work left undone, I worry that I should probably be doing a bit more about my business in the hopes that I would sell and make some money for my numerous needs. NEEDS can clutter the mind just as badly as erotic thoughts.

Do you think God gets upset whenever our minds stray? Do you think he picks a fight with us and rejects our prayers?

9 thoughts on “Does God Pick fights?

  1. I will start by saying that wherever one’s treasure is, there will his hrt be. Although no one could pride himself that he gets answers to his prayers becos he knows how to pray or becos he is always focusing on God becos according to the scriptures no one knows how to pray. However, we need to away our anxiety and try to approach our maker with an undivided hrt

  2. God doesn’t pick fights.
    If all our prayers were to be answered based on 100% concentration, then I don’t think God has ever answered any of my prayers cos I’m always distracted by trailer load of thoughts.
    I’ve actually thought about this before. Thank you for the post

  3. He doesn’t pick fights, rather He sent us Help before we even got here. The Holy Spirit helps us in prayer. If we had to stay 100% focused on prayer while at it, it would be impossible to pray without ceasing.
    I think one of the best places to pray is toilet, little or no distraction plus there’s privacy…

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