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“Wait so why should we even send you to school sef,  ordinary to calculate change from market you cannot do” that was Saliu’s mother,  I listened on as she explained to the boy that some people are just born with low brain function.

IQ TEST – Intelligent quotient,  this is a scientific assessment that is widely criticized for partiality towards sciences. In Africa,  the intelligent kids are in science class,  the dumb ones go to read shakespeare.


EQ – Emotional Quotient,  this is an individual’s ability to judge the effect of his attitude or actions on others. As much as possible employers are discovering that this is a better measure of “business smart” than IQ.

Imagine the wretchedness of our work systems,  where people study Engineering in University but out there,  there are jobs that require managerial skills.  Education should be seen as an incubator for ideal intelligence,  rather than a judgement seat for damnation of those born “mentally disadvantaged”.

I discovered very late in my study life that a number of our teachers were using their teacher’s notes to teach us,  they had not been updated and were probably irrelevant to the kind of society we are involved with.  Some of them would be totally impatient about delivering these stale content to us,  they would expect that all of us should be equally interested in this irrelevant content.

How can you be talking about work done in physics and all your examples are about tricycles and bicycles,  how does that affect my exposure to TV and android phones? What elevated the African society to where we are right now and how does the content you are explaining fit into this time.

” Mommy,  intelligence is not an inheritance” you can have a smart child.  Yes your family has an history of dullard traits but I don’t have to be called a dullard too.  Yes I am a black sheep,  I don’t want to talk bout tetrachloromethane!!!  It is not a beautiful music sheet on the key C major.  The real dumbass is that person who thinks only his own kind of “smart” is acceptable.

VERDICT: those who rule their side of the street are the geniuses,  not those waiting for Einstein’s handshake.

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