Coursera Journey: My Real Estate Business Analyst Goals

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This is what I have been up to. For those who understand business and investment analytics, you would know why I am proud of myself. I always prefer unsupervised learning to the kind of system most of our schools have so Coursera just gave me a big shot at learning from my room. My lecturers are University Professors at Duke University.

I cannot say enough, how pleased I am with myself. I started the second module of this business specialization some two years ago but dumped it because I didn’t take time to practice for the final exam. Now I have taken Module 1 and I am fired to finish the whole course.

Personal Skill Growth on Coursera

This adds to my writing and content creation skills in more ways than one. The course is filled with mind blowing facts about digital businesses and now I understand better how to integrate my services into better business solutions. It also improves my growth as a real estate investment analyst which is the ultimate goal of my Masters here at the University of Pretoria.
Well, I scored 95.7%. I am so fired to finish up the courses. Paying my accommodation fees in South Africa has been one big challenge that keeps me working so hard but it’s been a great stretch. This challenge pushes my limits.

My Goals

I have firsthand experience of how lack of good housing opportunities send graduates back into their shells. Many of us cannot dare to have a life after NYSC. I understand the difficulty this poses for students who want to go for further studies but are denied their goals because they have nowhere to stay abroad. Fortunately the University of Pretoria have one of the most helpful staff body, they gave me a room at student residence and I have been paying in bits but how far can this help my focus on what I came here for?

One day I will have my consultancy and advocacy that would aim to solve these kind of problems. I believe the struggles we go through are meant to help us find our true selves. I know what I was created to deal with. The scourge of homelessness in Nigeria is not just crippling our present productivity as youths, it is leaving us powerless and without a future. Thanks for following my journey so far.


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