Copy Cat Adults Need to Know They Lead a Dangerous Life.

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I don’t really know why the Cat is used in that phrase “copy cat”, okay let me do a quick google search. The simplest explanation I found is that the term may have originated from the way kittens imitate their mother.

The expression may have originated from observing the habits of kittens that learned by imitating the behaviour of their mother. Copycat has been in recorded use since at least 1896, in Sarah Orne Jewett ‘The Country of Pointed Firs’ but the expression could be many decades older. –Shubham Somani, Delhi

Sounds cool yea? I think at first people who can do all sort of jobs look very interesting. They are in music today, photography tomorrow, video productions, art and craft and so on and so forth. I personally like when a person has so many new skills they can just whip out at any time, dazzle everyone around and then “shift shape” again like a Chameleon.

Green Chameleon copies


Is this Healthy for the Copy Cat?

This is me trying to imagine the turmoil that pushes people into this lifestyle, maybe a vision comes to their mind and they dwell on it for a short time then execute quickly only to burn out quickly when they find a new interest. Its certainly not healthy to shift focus ever so often, even for the mind. Its hard enough to pursue one goal and overcome several obstacles, why would you want to repeat these various high and lows without bringing any of them to a definite end?

Does this Affect Mental Growth?

Milestones give us some opportunity to appreciate change, to evaluate where we have been and where we are. If milestones continue to shift rapidly, its like a pressure guage that flickers ever so often. There is no release, no climax. Its like never having orgasm during sexual intercourse, I would probably run mad.

I once studied about music improvisation, there is this simple rule for running a Solo. A perfect combination of tension and release, gives the most beautiful experience to listeners, don’t drag the music on mellow notes and don’t also pitch your tone all through. Have a perfect balance of setting goals and comcluding on them, this cannot be achieved when you are busy trying to be evrything.

Mental growth may be delayed when consistence is lacking, picking a single skill and honing it makes a strong statement to the psych. It tells your mind that you have successfully built on a desirable end and you have followed through with a path, this implies that you have the capacity to do the same with other issues in your life.

CopyCat Also Affects People You Care About

People who lack stability not only hurt themselves but everyone who cares for them,  decisions we often think are independent eventually are not truly independent. Imagine a father who keeps changing and shifting shape, he is also a husband and would definitely leave his wife worried and scared for the future of their children. As a model for children, it’s very unhealthy for children to see their parent treading unstable career paths.

Build and achieve, don’t deny yourself

the pleasure of success by not following through. Gain experience, Credibility, Authority, these are essential virtues that give you confidence to do what you love and not just what you think is attractive.


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