Christmas: About Red, blood, danger.

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Christmas: About Red, blood, danger.

3rd Christmas short story by Damilola Jonathan Oladeji, dedicated to 132 children killed in Pakistan and Missionaries…….

Cat: Do you believe in God?
Mouse: Hell yea! your fathers loved the taste of my kind, you still want me for lunch! Such a vicious cycle. Only a “God” could maintain such great appetite as yours!

…..the roar that woke the streets of Samaria, doors slammed open, women wailing, fathers swearing and cursing God. The soldiers had no remorse, it was one child that should die but many were ripped apart limbs flailed and all….he had to be somewhere close…

Susanna flopped down in the dusty street, tears streamed down as agony came forth in her cries and pleas “give me my babbbyyyy”. They dangled the infant in mid-air, stripped him of clothes and shawl.

How do you mourn a child whose life stood at the tip of a bully’s sword?

“How long have you had him?” he barked out impatiently, it was one of the bloodthirsty sentinels of the dark and evil Herod…

Susanna, dust, tears and clothes all torn crawls over hastily grabs a hold of the soldier’s ankles “he is just 12 months!” she tearfully pleads. Just 5 days and the year would end and here Susanna’s Baby and many more would not see the new year.

Every child under 2 years was murdered that day, all for the life of just one little baby; the saviour and king of the earth.

Many lives for one and one life for many, as with blood his birth brought tears so did his death make the earth to mourn, but only for a while. This is the hope which we believe and have known that even though our bodies may perish, our spirit will live eternal…

With bowed hearts we pray for those who would for the sake of this infant lay down their lives this Christmas season that the lord grant them courage, also we pray that our lives will continually be acceptable sacrifices to the God who owns the life in our blood.

Its still about children!


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