CHILD Not BRIDE war, One article I think Nigeria should read.

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I just read “Senator Yerima and Constitutional Review” By Mrs. Maryam Uwais, a lawyer and wife of the former Chief Justice of Nigeria Mohammed Uwais. (Check below this post for link to her statement)

My comment to this well detailed statement from an evidently educated woman is as follows:

“Mrs Mariam has really made clear what the situation of the north is and has been. It should be properly noted by good researchers, the likes of Mr Muhammed who has spent time to get his facts that both the christian and Muslim doctrines are surrounded by history that was kept with such detail to enhance the reader have a full picture of the context of the teachings so as not to act illogically. It would be unfair and unjust for any Nigerian or any nation or individual to extract out of such religious books, principles that were tailored to serve for fairness and justice within the allowances of a less complex and ordered society and use such principles for personal gains. Nigeria is a nation that consists of so many cultures and religious persuasions and in order that our differences will not turn us against one another, the constitution had to be made, Its a code of conduct!! To uphold law and order amongst a “mixed” crowd which otherwise would have found ways to impose their selfish interest on the others. The senate are meant to represent the interest of us all and not their history or selfish desires or even research from their religious books. Let them keep that to their homes and families. They are meant to lead us as one nation and not to pith us against ourselves. This child marriage of course is debateable but the morals of our growing society has given a wide allowance for humans to be trained for every stage of life which most of historical religions may not have delved into with much detail, maybe because challenges such as we face now as young people where yet unencountered? So all we are asking is not that you enroll your baby girl in a western school but that you train her through any means you can to make good decisions and be a responsible member of this community, Nigeria!!”

Recently also
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Olugbenga Ashiru, has stated that Nigeria will accredit foreign diplomats married to people of the same sex in spite of its stand on the issue.

Ashiru made the position known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in London on Monday.

He said that ambassadors posted to Nigeria would be accredited to serve in the country with their spouses “no matter their marriage status.

“Nigeria is not against any country for legalising gay marriage but in our country, given our customs and traditions, as well as religious beliefs, marriage as ordained by God is between a man and a woman, he said.

Soon someone will come with some religious jargon on why the Nigerian society should condone gay marriages.

Now it sure seems to me like Nigeria is a “gentile” Nation muddled in a war between Arab and Western Militants/Diplomats. All interpreting governance as they wish. The two sides keep twisting the key of religion and Nigeria is becoming a confused door. Some have even advocated child marriage on the tenets that it helps solve promiscuity, what absurdity!!! The essence of training is to solve the excesses in the human character that would not allow institutions like marriage, community, Society and Nations to thrive. Jumping into marriage to solve the problem is like driving a car whose brake has failed with the hope that by driving it, the brake failure will be solved. When Nigeria learns to see itself as a nation independent of external religious and political interpretations, is the day Nigeria will be free. So stop throwing Sahara stones and Western Daggers in my Nigerian Quarters!!

Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


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