Let’s do some charity work together, we are the miracles they need.

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I just realized we cannot grow without helping others and this is the inspiration for this post. I may have to put a whole lot of people into one post but I really hope they can get your support from my post. Let’s do some charity together, it’s human. A number of people in my network have asked me to share their story and in some cases, I have promised to share without them asking. I realize this is just my nature, to want to help. I fail a lot of them also. Maybe I should stop resisting and just do it. Here is a list of causes I think you should support or contribute to.

Health Related Charity Causes

1. Kolapo Orowale: is a Naval officer in my network who helped a street beggar Emmanuel Oyediran by rescuing him from a mob. Emmanuel has a health disorder that exposed his intestines and Kola is set to raise the funds for his treatments and surgery. He was living on the streets and almost mobbed before he met Kolapo also known as Kola Onifoto. Here is the GofundMe account and you can find links to the full story on the account. Join here.

 2. Uduak Ekpenyong: shared with me a post about Akanimo Ekanem. A 10-Year Old suffering a rare type of cancer called Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumour. You can donate and share using this link. He is just a little boy and does not deserve this pain. Click here to donate and share.

Career-Related Causes:

1.  Daniel Afoloyan: is a medical doctor and has been doing a lot of social work in Osun State. I admire his tenacity and think it would be great to fill his questionnaire about getting health information online. We all can save lives by giving some information. Fill the survey by Clicking Here. 

2. Zoe Machunga: is an On-Air-Personality and she has told me about her dreams of using media as a channel for educating and inspiring others. She has a chance to work for a new platform that would obviously be a better opportunity for her and I would appreciate if you followed this IG link to like and support her career. Click Here

There you go. I believe charity is one way of healing the world around us. Helping others to achieve their goals, we can live more fulfilled and happy about our own lives.


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