Brian Tracy case: Google ads and the omnipresent Digital marketer.

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The fact is that a person who decides to buy usually has to find your offer more than one time. In order words, many of us don’t immediately make a decision to buy or subscribe to a product. You need to convince a lot of people over time and in different ways. Even for people to read what you have written, purchase your book, follow your blog, the same principle applies.  Brian Tracy is well known as an adept salespersons world over, we can learn a lot from what he does.

Recently I visited a Facebook page while comparing the landing pages on two sites. I wanted to see how best to create my own landing pages. Finally I found a good landing page plugin for my ebook “Discover Stories.” I never knew how important this was until I checked out Brian Tracy’s page. I simply wanted to compare his page with what one of my clients asked me to do.

How it Started

Take note, some weeks ago I had written a review of “Eat that frog,” by Brian Tracy’s. Now I needed some information and I decided to check what his page looked like. On getting to the page, I immediately saw a lot of valuable posts; titles that naturally resonate with me. I clicked on a few and checked out his website.

On his website, there were also strategically placed offers. I saw a free template and I just could not resist, I had to fill out a form and get my copy.

The following week, almost every single Google ad I saw on different websites had Brian Tracy’s special offer on them. it felt like he was stalking me. Now I am not a staff at Brian Tracy’s organization but I will quickly list out some of the things I think he did right. I think his method could help any business to strategically become omnipresent to their target audience.

1. SEO and Keyword optimization:

Brian’s  had optimized his book title for search engines so well. I found it while searching for a blogpost idea. I downloaded it, read it and wrote a review.

2. Impression:

he caught my attention and triggered a process. It was now clear that I am the kind of person that wants Brian Tracy products.

3. Platform:

Immediately I needed him again, I knew that I can always search Facebook or any other social platform to find him. Imagine if I searched on Facebook and did not find him?

4. Offers:

This can also be termed “call to actions.” There is always a call to action everywhere on Brian Tracy’s pages and websites. “Download this, join this free webinar, get this offer.” Have something unique to offer.

5. Data gathering:

I have reasons to believe that Brain Tracy’s website runs an algorithm that is somehow linked to their Google pay per click decisions. They also track user IP address using cookies. Now this is a lot of technical stuff, but the summary is that the data collected on their site is good. It allows them to decide what visitor is interested or likely interested in their offer and such data is connected to their pay per click advertising.

Maybe if I had only visited and not filled out a form. Maybe if they did not have my email. They would not be able to consistently reach me the way they can right now. I currently receive emails from Brian Tracy and I keep seeing adverts, downloading or planning to download free offers but eventually I am going to have to buy something someday.

This is how Google ads make you omnipresent. It does not work automatically and may require some technical skills for automation but most of the methods I have listed can be done manually.

The core focus is to find out as much as you can about your visitors, offer them your products as many times as possible and make yourself omnipresent by choosing the right keywords for your Google pay per click adverts. The good thing about these kind of adverts is that you don’t get charged until someone actually clicks on your adverts.

I believe you have learned a thing or two about simple tricks to create an omnipresent platform for your blog, business or sales platform. If you wish to benefit more from this kind of content, kindly subscribe to my blog on right side of this page or at the bottom for mobile users. 


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