Breaking Bad Habits!! This man caged his head.

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A common quote which I keep hearing goes something like, thoughts become desires,desires form into actions, actions become practice and your practice may become an habit. No one mentions the part of habits turning into yokes. The ultimate antidote to restoring man to a state of wholeness is in JESUS, that’s what I believe. This does not outrule however, the need for some other ingredients:
1. Open confrontation of the habit, talk to a friend or leader about it. I personally have had fights with various habits and I have failed in some many times but I have also found that staying in the open about it and not keeping it secret helps give more confidence to face the habit.

2. Take drastic measures of discipline

A lifelong smoker keen to quit has taken  drastic measures to kick the habit – he has locked his head in a cage which  prevents him from putting a cigarette in his mouth. (Photo below)

Desperate measures: Ibrahim Yücel wears a cage over his  head in a bid to stop himself from smoking

Mr Yücel, 42, has been smoking two packets of  cigarettes a day since the age of 16, according to Hürriyet.

However, since his father died of lung  cancer, he has been desperate to quit for the good of his health and his  family.

He has made several attempts to give up, but  has always returned to the habit despite his efforts.

Now that’s a different kind of stop smoking aid

Please as many read this are welcome to add tips to breaking habits which they have found helpful.


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