Now the Brand Speaks

Building a business online is one of the easiest ways to reduce overhead cost and scale your business. Every year thousands of new businesses join the scramble for e-commerce. How will an SME like yours get competing power? BRANDING helps you reach your market more deftly and with greater business ease. 


Maybe you are wondering why you need to get a starter pack for your online Business. Let me give you 4 Reasons

Competitive Advantage

You are not the only new business on the block doing what you do. A lot of businesses like yours are also badgering customers with adverts noise.

Content & Relevance

Consumers are more picky about the content they read. Your brand needs to learn the market's language and exploit it.

Tools & Automation

Writing, Content Marketing, Content curation, and distribution all require you to employ the most time or cost-effective tools. The more you can automate, the more time and cost you can save. This is how you make profit.

Brand Communication

Your brand needs to communicate like an expert for your customers to connect and remain loyal to you.

Building an Online Brand?

There are hundreds of resources, tools and platforms you can exploit for you brand. This is where we come in. With Now the Brand Speaks (NTBS), you can start to operate a digital brand that beats the competition hands down. 

Having worked with 100s of SMEs, Damilola has put together this essential guide and training for businesses like yours. 

This coaching is tailored for remote and self-paced use. The delivery of training includes:

  1. Facebook webinar on topics like advertising, SEO, email marketing, and business storytelling. (worth $149)
  2. NTBS guide and workbook ($500 worth of value)
  3. NTBS presentation that simplifies all you need to understand about digital and content marketing. 
  4. A Q&A session via zoom or FB live. ($250 worth)

ALL for $100

All of these resources combined are going to help you navigate the business of online brand growth. You’ll find clarity, some sense of structure and develop a working strategy for your web and social media platforms.


Build a professional online business with automated systems and processes!! Maximize email campaigns, design tools, publishing and distribution platforms, advertising strategies and lots more. 

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