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In the story I added in the “Quills for Africa 30” the protagonist decides to avenge the suicide of his one-time crush on the husband and his mistress. If he succeeds, how he succeeds, do they make him a better person? Has murder ever been an answer? I never knew we would be having this social media conversation about crimes of passion.

I sent the #Freedom Magazine; one of the books to a Facebook friend. I asked Zainab Haruna to write the foreword, not because she is popular. Her impact as a thoughtful writer helped me a lot as I worked on the books. Zainab Haruna’s foreword for the Magazine captures the insight and art behind the book.

Distributing the Books on

– Amazon,
– PDF Downloads
– Kindle Reader
– The publisher promised us hardcopies. We paid her nothing.

The preorders have been coming in, still got one this morning. Every day, I wonder if we are doing the right thing by promoting writers who typically would not go beyond scribbling a few unpublished facebook posts.

These guys are not popular but their stories are real. They have made me laugh, they have made me proud to be associated with writers in the CREATIVE Freelance Writerz Group.

Finance is Key

We wanted to improve the website and spend more on promoting the page but our financial plans have not worked out as much. We always get so many free downloads and this means that the ebooks are reaching people. On the platform, we have recorded close to 3,000 total free downloads of anthologies and ebooks.

This is why we planned to partner with organizations or individuals who also have things to promote. I personally believe in symbiotic relationships. I started this platforms since about 2010 and it’s been growing through the support of volunteer writers. They have also shared in the platform, some have become published in major Magazines while they worked with me. Others have grown to write their own ebooks. If anything, I am sure that, this vision has affected a lot of young lives.

The other day, a volunteer told me she would want to donate to finances like she has always done. I asked her why she believed so much. her reply was that she has seen us give opportunities to young people which she wishes she had.

The Future is all we see

I personally see a future where young boys and girls come online with a purpose. These writers know they can have a voice and be heard. They know their capacity to tell their stories would open opportunities for them and even give them a career and focus. This is why the magazine has been promoted this year as “Freedom Magazine.” We have only had people who promised to place adverts but I don’t even think we need those adverts anymore.

I will not wait for anyone to see us as a commercial opportunity. These young writers deserve more than the kind of negotiations I have gotten about advertising in the Magazine. I will keep spending my money to promote the ebooks and magazines. Anyone who believes in this work we are doing can donate to the advertisement and Facebook promotions. Every such donation we got have been used as cash prizes in the group and advertising, we will not stop until we have more young people doing productive things with the limited resources they have. Many of our volunteers run out of data frequently. They still find a way to run the group events. I think that commitment is beyond what I can comprehend and I appreciate them even as it’s just 5 days to launch.

Please keep sharing, check out the links in my bio. Visit the group page CREATIVE Freelance Writerz Group, use the hashtags #Freedom #LongWalk #cfwriterz. Most importantly give support to young people who desire to get capacity building skills like this. It will never leave them even in their studies and as part of society’s workforce.


Links for download and Preorders:

  1. Quills from Africa 30: Long walk to home
  2. Freedom Magazine 


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