Blind Bat Syndrome

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I heard a wise man say once that when you see something that is yet to happen, you better capture it with ink and imprison it on paper.

“Why is that so important?” I asked and here was his answer :

1. You never know who may blindly stumble on what you have stored up, they could be the biggest fool! Or the most capable entrepreneur.
2. Words are like the farm for reality, writing them is like farmers who refuse to stay at home despite the late rains. Whatever you can conceive, you can achieve. Sow words, reap reality!

“As blind as a bat” is a LIE! In reality bats are the most capable when it comes to vision.

All bats can see and all bats are sensitive to
changing light levels because this is the main cue
that they use to sense when it is (night time) and
time to become active,” said Paul Faure, of
McMaster University’s Bat Lab.

Bats also echolocate!
They broadcast high-pitched sonar
signals and listen for the echoes of sound waves
bouncing off objects they’re looking for or obstacles
in their path. Bats’ brains then process the auditory
information within those echoes as visual maps.

Expression is the human Echolocation and source for VISUAL MAPS. A story of young entrepreneurs tells of one who had no special help from nature or progeny, he had no family or family friend to provide a stepping stone for his vision, no capital, connection or corporation but he decided to speak about this vision at every opportunity he got and can I tell you a secret?

“Speaking is Free of Charge!!”

Each time you write your dreams, you have taken a step closer to realizing them. When you express your vision by spoken words, you are building a better ROAD/VISUAL MAP to your desired reality.

Express YOU today, happy new week!!


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