Special Events this week: Birthday, New Writing Gigs, Stories and Real Estate. 

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On the 27th of May,  something special is going to happen. I will officially turn 26, and I am excited a bit. Let’s just say I am anxious, and I really hope to get some good news this week. I will try to share a personal story every day till Friday to mark my birthday. 

Here is a sneak peek into some of the things I have been working on:

1. I got this new client and he owns a site where homeowners can sell their properties for instant cash, I will be helping him run the social pages. If you are interested in seeing his website, visit winningcircleres.com.

2. To let NG affiliate program is on! I got an email confirming that I am now an affiliate at tolet.ng, this means a lot more work. I will have to start doing more on writing about real estate, kindly follow my posts and share them with your friends.

3. I will be releasing four books on my birthday, honestly, I did not plan this. It just happens that I have written so many things and did not put them out. I hope to be able to promote them till the end of this year. There are two novellas and two are about writing and content creation.

Let me now tell you a story.

I had three friends in the first year of University, I studied Estate management. This is one of the reasons I write about real estate. We were excited about finishing with First Class grades, that was the plan. I have always somehow had this mix of pessimism or let me say pragmatism. It was obvious I was not pushing for a First Class, and I had just a little faith. I peddled down a bit on the excitement and explained to my friends that “focus” was our best shot. Sometimes you need some dose of pessimism to face life in a realistic way.

That was what I did, I refused to overestimate my capacity neither did I underestimate myself. I simply stuck with my books and put in all my best at every given point. Along the way, one of the three friends became so religious that he did not see his efforts as consequential. Needless to say, he struggled till graduation and I will not say he got the best he could have.

And it got worse

The other two and I continued to run shoulder to shoulder, the grades were just a few points apart when we graduated. One of my friends was always so carried away with the competition, and this was painful. It became obvious that the need to be ahead had become an all-consuming desire and I had to distance myself from this person.

The negativity coming from interacting with them continued even till after school, and I recently had to cut them off totally. I know that we all want to be excellent, and life puts us in a lot of competitive situations. Yes, we have to compete most times to prove that we are worth the faith and trust of our boss, customers, clients and even lovers.

However, moderation is key in all things. Don’t lose sight of the need to be compassionate, the need to be friendly even to people you consider as competition. Outside of the goals you have set, everyone is needy and we want to have friends. After the race set your baton aside and share a hug. Shake hands and be there for people, separate the place of competition and the place of friendship.

Don’t lose sight of the need to be compassionate, the need to be friendly even to people you consider as competition.

The three of us finished well eventually but we cannot claim to be true friends to ourselves the way we were when we just got into the University. The friendship deteriorated and we all went out separate ways, this is not good enough and I hope this story helps someone out there to check that unhealthy race. You don’t have to lose your friends and family in the process of winning a goal you have set.

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  1. drpeo

    You are an upcoming Birthday pelzon!!!

    I hope those friends see this as a reminder and other friends take note. The competition is not always on.


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