Birthday and Book Launch, YEEEEEEEYYYYYY!

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I am grateful and that is as much as I can say, a lot has happened but you have followed me and been with me. Through the fun, the social media wars, the travels, the projects, the fears, you have been family. If you are reading this then you have become kindred to me, I really don’t know everyone that reads me personally and I wish I do. Today I am a year older and I would be an ingrate if I don’t celebrate you. Do you know how lonely I could have been? How isolated and battered I could have been? but you cheered me on and always helped me believe in myself.

Here is my gift to you.


If you visit this LINK, you will be directed to my shop. I have collected a number of my literary works and I am hoping for you support this time also. You have read my stories and seen the way I counsel through my writing, this is how you help me become a better asset to you and to the writing community.

This collection would be my investment in your growth if you are a writer. Let’s get this into the hands of readers all over Nigeria, my success is your success. Share the link on your social media feed, buy copies for yourself and your friends. Remember to send me feedback through reviews, I want to know how you enjoyed the Novels and the way my Guide books have helped you with your brand and ideas. Buy a book.

For Okadabooks Lovers, you can also get my books on the mobile app. Follow these links:




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