Biafra: Ethnic Inter-Marriages, What is your take?

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It’s important we talk about Nigeria, just before we actually head towards total collapse. Here is an article I wrote on Viva-Naija

Supporting Femi Aribisala’s call for a United Southern Nigeria, Ndigbo should consider those Yorubas that are in love with the daughters of Ojukwu.

I just read Femi Aribisala’s take on the Biafran struggle; Mr. Aribisala, that famous “apostate” who has challenged the scriptures and theology in ways most people dare not. His thesis on the union of Ndigbo nation and the Oodua nation is most definitely a sound deposition. The fulcrum of his discourse is what I am really excited to share with you.

The civil war ended years ago; many of those fanning the embers of division and mayhem were not even alive when these things happened. You have sworn to visit the sins of Awolowo on the Yoruba, yet Awolowo does not represent the Yoruba race, neither does he represent my family. Awolowo represented the idea of true federalism and the need for regions to work for their food. In his bid to protect this mandate, he may have stepped on Ojukwu’s wishes and created a widening rift between us, but I digress.

The most important part of the issues he raised is ethnic intermarriage. Wait, don’t you guys just love Igbo girls?


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