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How I Became a Religious Fanatic.

Does it really matter what my faith teaches about “unbelievers”?.

There were days in school when unconsciously I found that I could not wholeheartedly share a smile with some colleagues because he either is an alcoholic or “fornicator” – Bayo (fiction).

Now some would say “Amen to that”, but its important that we evaluate our stance in lights of faith-based reason thus:

The example used shows a type of extreme fanaticism people fall victim to.

Fanatics ultimately ruin ideas, business and projects. There are two types of fanatics that should not be in your team:
– Religious fanatics.
– ideological fanatics.

How to question my attitude:

1. “Good master” they hailed Jesus, he replied “who is Good but God”. The capacity to even hold this same opinion not hypocritically, to truly believe that holiness is not self-made is of essence. We were bought with a price.
2. Would the salt mix if it was tied up and mixed in the soup? If we claim to be capable of change or greater exploits, would we achieve such in isolation?

It all starts from doctrine, our attitude which excommunicates and shuts out the errant. This may be our loss and pitfall, that is hopefully if we do not become stagnant in the process.

Listen to this:

What if?
If the world walked in the door,
And takes a seat,
but beside you,
Right next to me.

If that drunk,
Blocks out the light,
Of your door,
Just for today.

If she sneaks,
In through the back aisle,
Quietly seats,
Where you can’t see.

If they cry,
Just next to me,
Brush against me,
Sweat stink and all,
Asking for life,
For a chance.

What then?

*don’t get emotional yet and don’t brush the words away.
I have found and met broken rich people, lovely people who know everything about “that business idea” yet they have a fault line, a crack in their pretty face that we just cant bear so we would rather die hungry.

I am not here to advocate compromises but to ask if at all there is a chance for that person whose only fault is that their life, manner of speech or dress deviates from yours.

TOLERANCE is the easy name but when the chips are down, how close would you get to an “unbeliever”?

Recently I had to take my supplies to clients of different faith expressions and I found that the economic of business failure or success is not sensitive to my need to uphold fanatic doctrines. Put an end to ideologies that do not honour the basic humanity in every living soul today and see your business thrive.

Note: its not only religious doctrines that kill, personally created ideologies do too e.g. short people are cranky 🙂

Up next: on – Attitude watch “How to Know Fanatics”.


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