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Dee JO- Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

Attitude forecast

Attitude by John C Maxwell (in his book THE WINNING ATTiTUDE) was compared with the altitude meter of a plane. You can estimate how high you would attain in pursuit of your dreams by checking your attitude meter.
As a man of dreams and ideas (David Oluwayanmi Oladeji can attest to this) I have seen ideas work and I have seen dreams become real. Finding it a point of call to work out attitude problems that kill dreams is why I will channel my efforts towards reviewing my and your attitude towards myself, yourself, friends, family and enemies too.

Do I have the right attitude? For my dreams to work?

2015 will tell…..

GEJ, Buhari may have all their dreams and aspirations different but there is 1 attitude that will win Nigeria’s election come Feb 14.

All the work of media, posts and counter posts are aimed at x-ray(ing) the attitude acceptable by each party. Some call it political ideologies, principle, goals; its all attitude e.g. the major kick against GEJ so far is his “attitude” to events like – 2000 killed in Barga by BH.

Come Feb 14, we won’t be voting for fine face, sympathy, charisma but we will be voting in our estimate of the WINNING ATTITUDE.

this is why invites you to help reveal and use the right attitudes by participating in this Attitude Watch.

Whose attitude wins? GEJ or GMB?
Answer with facts please… I for one hate the fact that most of the opposition against GEJ have lost all civility and resort to crude mudslinging in the name of change, that’s an attitude I will not vote even if I don’t vote GEJ.


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