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“Fresh mojo!”…..was one eventful day in Henry Alex Duduyemi Memorial College, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

As usual boarders would laze around a bit after games period and exchange empty chatter…then the whispered call started to pull strings of boys up the stairs of our new multi-purpose hall “Fresh mojo”…..the hall looked down on the kitchen and into the window of a detached structure that was a public bath. Some girls had chosen that day to bath in the exposed building oblivious to the prying eyes of testosterone driven boys who giggled foolish grins as they fed their glutton-eyes full.

This is just one example of what kids, boys, guys and men do to kick start, maintain and/or revive libido and its chain life cycle.

Then we get married, why?

Single men take walks with ladies, girls cook for their male friends, boys buy stuff for girls and some share apartments so that could not be the reasons we marry.

Nothing like pre-marital cooking or dish washing etc.

Its sex!

Why is sex only acceptable within the context of a legal or religious agreement?

Did you know that verbal agreements are honoured in the court of law?

So if a boy and a girl have agreed, why is it still pre-marital sex?

Do we actually marry so that we can legally/religiously have sex?

Here is the bone that must be tackled to ensure the strength of the argument of cultures that believe in the marriage and indeed family institution.

Must I be certified to “fornicate”?

How does the marriage institution transform fornication to love-making?

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