Attitude Called God Continues

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Attitude Called God

Note: before you start reading, note that the author’s thought process are applicable to human development in all facets. This is inspired by Readings like “The Prince” (Niccholo Machiavelli), “48 laws of Power” (Robert Greene), “1984” (George Orwell), Bible and also discussions with his skeptic of a brother. The articles “Attitude called God”, examines what empowers the ideology (or person) called “God”, we can learn power from him “tout-puissant”

Okay, it’s approximately 28 hours After My Birthday, I am totally not sure God is real (I got more than 100 happy birthday wishes btw thanks to Facebook). This does not mean I am not a Christian or I don’t have faith. Of course how can faith exist where doubt does not or how can answers exist without questions.

God supplies

What if God is the one handing out the questions to man, the mysteries, the things not known.

PROVERBS 25:2 [It is] the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings [is] to search out a matter.

I am inclined to believe that “kings” in this case refers to us “Man”. I even had to ask myself why we are into all the experimenting and hypothesizing. Why? Why do we need to know? To believe? Even in science? Why should there be proof?

I say Its hard to battle with one’s self, to argue without an opponent. If there was no reason at all, labs and scientist would not even exist.

This Attitude

Why does God remain silent? Why can’t he just clear some space in the sky and just answer us and let everyone just pack up and head on home among the many mansions up there?

If I were God, I mean if I were the God as described in my perception. The kind of God who can command and all of earth would just erase, would I need to defend myself? Would I have to defend myself? Then would I want to defend myself?

God that I think I know, does not need or have to do anything, he owes no one, nothing any obligations. Yea that’s just plain so annoying to think of that…..why doesn’t he have to do anything yet we down here have a whole lot of stuff we have to do, like go to school or get a life, do we have to?

That aside, does he want to? This I think we can investigate. Since Adam, Noah, Pharaoh, Pharisees and and the Pauls and Stephens, If I were God, would I want to just make a bold statement once a while, Just shock people back to their senses? Or would I just be jolly busy with other “God-stuff”, let them humans run wild and rot?

Is God Extremely Restrained or just totally Carefree?!!

Is he just holding himself back from just tearing a scream down at me while I type this heretic questions or is he just not on seat, probably poking at some other creature that is more fascinating than “Man”.

WHO can be like this? Who would want to be perceived as such? This attitude is glimpsed in the courts of kings, nobles, Men who have by reason of times occupied seats of the “unseen” or “unquestionable”.

Mysteries make us search, mysteries keep us alive, mysteries create beliefs (even science is a belief), and mysteries motivate, Mysteries direct flow of authority. Use Mystery to your own advantage or otherwise at your own peril.


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