Animasahun, Philanderer


Philanderer: “Animasahun” a man who likes many women and has short sexual relationships with them. The Animasahun in Yoruba is the town Casanova who sleeps around and makes no commitments.

There had been several opportunities for me to walk up to Ronke and tell her I just wanted to have sex but the Lord was about to play me a fast one. My intentions were strictly sexual, I had no plans to date her.

I had always felt that marrying a girl in her social class would be one long and tedious journey, I could only imagine all the things I would have to change. I have sworn that I will never marry a woman that would make me feel uncomfortable about my self, every time I see Ronke, I could only see a girl who was living the life I always wanted to live.

First I found her father’s office and took a Job as his Clerk, a position which coincidentally opened up around that time. Most people don’t understand my obsession with details, I could Iron a shirt for 3hours just to get the perfect result on every side of the shirt. I was Meticulous about parking Mr. Badmus’s car, picking grocery for Mrs Badmus just on the dot of 4pm.

My best friend was aware that my new job was not just a means to finance my school fees, he was like my twin. He knew that I was only a few inches short of being a psychopath, raising myself as an orphan had turned me into a monster.

Tunde tried his best to dissuade me from my plans but ended up helping me with the plans when he saw I would not stop. We started to send anonymous letters and messages to Mrs. Badmus; apparently a Man who had been stalking her wanted to apologise, he did not know she was married or that she was a Parent but somehow a Man at her husband’s office had scolded him for stalking a married woman. This drama played on for some weeks and It was only a matter of days before I started staying over, eating dinner, playing board games with the Mr. Badmus, his wife and daughter loved me.

Something changed in those few weeks, I started to walk with my heads and shoulders high, Ronke could not see any flaw in me. Her wide smile and high cheekbones accentuated her innocent questions, she would sit with me on the rugged floor of her room and ask me about school. She wanted to know everything, and as much as I was resisting, I found her innocence so compelling and basked in her brilliant adoration.

The night we sat on her bed holding hands, the moment we looked into our glazed eyes and were making to share a kiss, that moment was the moment of truth for me. I had a firm but gentle grip of her shoulder, her eyes were half shut and I could not see the arrogant spoilt brat I knew from afar. She had allowed me into her world and at the same time she had stolen her way into my heart.

She was still waiting for her kiss, my heart melted and tears rolled down my cheeks, I could not understand how someone could love so unconditionally. Her family had been tricked but they only gave me love in return, I had no one to love me the way they did and stealing from them at that point would most likely be a mistake that would never be worth it.

The next day, I woke up at dawn before anyone had stirred, I packed my bag and left without a note, there was no way to explain how undeserving I felt. Maybe someday, we will meet under better circumstances, maybe I would not be as selfish as I was, maybe I would be able to love as I was loved

4 thoughts on “Animasahun, Philanderer

    1. Yes there is no better feeling than when you realize you are actually not dead inside, Love is a beautiful thing. Thanks Eeddiekhan for taking time to share your thoughts on this story.

      1. I can relate with this wholly. A couple of times, I’ve been after some lassies just for a few moments thrill. They bring me into their confidence and then it becomes hard for me to carry on because I suddenly realise its not all about me. This is a human being I’m trifling with. Some ladies have called me rude because I break it off abruptly without any explanations. But I’m glad they still consider me to be deserving of their trust.
        *We never know what we loose when we give into our “Animasahun” instincts (I think everyone has the propensity)

        1. That is very true, we all have the tendency to Philander but as you said, when we realise we are dealing with humans like ourselves, caution comes into play. Kindly follow the blog so you can get posts from the blog directly.

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