Has Aisha Buhari Really Turned Against The President’s 2019 Election Ambitions?

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This is a bit belated. The whole of Nigerian social media has given Aisha the thumbs up for facing down her King! While some of us are strongly behind new Mandates like the #TeamFD (Fela Durotoye), we are not delusional.

Anyone who thinks this kingdom; the one constituted by our Political Area Father, the M. Buhari hisself, is divided against itself must be daydreaming! Aisha Buhari is a Queen and she will fight tooth and nail to protect her King.

Oh “but she shared videos of Senator Bruce and Misau criticizing the cabal!” you say. You are happy that we have the queen on our side.

Last week, I joked on Facebook about selling sex dolls in the National Assembly. We all laughed at the idea of getting the wives jealous and possibly pitching their tents with the masses.

It’s laughable actually! To think any woman would suddenly turn against her king in this wild game of politics and power. In approximately 12 months, a new government would be in the process of emerging.

What would Aisha gain from a last-minute domestic squabble with her husband? If she thought he would silently retire with her into a likeness of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, what would be the point of rousing dust over repetition of obvious facts stated by members of the National Assembly?

Shebi she will soon retire with her husband to Daura and leave us alone, why is she suddenly “camping with the enemy?”

There are three possibilities to Aisha and this Move:

1. Aisha believes her husband stands a chance in 2019 and she is desperately seeking to get him out of power. In which case, President M. Buhari would probably have dealt decisively with her. Considering this is not a secret move she made recently on twitter.
2. Aisha is part of a ploy to divert attention to a “cabal” conspiracy which exonerates her King and positions him for a sympathetic vote come 2019. Nigerians are sentimental, she just needs to sell the idea that her husband is the victim of a sabotaged government and he would, in turn, accept this and promise to disband the cabal in his second run.
3. A third option which is highly unlikely is that we may be sold the idea of having our first female President which technically keeps the power intact within PMB’s grip. Like I said, this is highly unlikely.

What we must not assume is that Aisha Buhari is suddenly back with a conscience of a messiah, and she is suddenly on our side. Women, especially African women do not defy their husbands without a reasonable exit strategy or some underlying strategy to keep their man in the place of fortune. It’s simply a game of survival and only the fittest will remain.

If it takes selling a “cabal” conspiracy to the masses, 2019 is still much in view for Aisha in my candid opinion. She is not about to relinquish that by making uncalculated twitter posts. Plus we know this is not the first time she has accused a certain “cabal” on her husband’s behalf.



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