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One of the reasons why investors are fleeing Nigeria is the rate at which inter-tribal conflicts are springing up, it seems to me that Nigerians are accomodating but only till you start to encroach on their land. Like my Lecturer Prof. B.T. Aluko would say “No land in Nigeria is vacant, you will find the owner the moment you decide to put cutlass to the tree”. Who really is at fault in the consistent evils perpetrated by Herdsmen on Agatu lands?

My name is AUDU and I own 100 heads of cattles, my father and his father handed this down to me and I will stop at nothing to make my cattle eat.

My name is Akpovire, cows have been trashing my land and I think the government wants to plant Brazillian grass for FULANI cows. where will I build my home? has oil not taken enough land from DELTA? Should Benue countinue losing their Farms?

I know we all love eating meat, but my people would say “we will not salute a cow as elder brother all for the love of cow meat”.

Recently the Minister of Agriculture, AUDU OGBEH announced that grazing lands will be cultivated with the recently imported Brazillian grass. No one is asking whose lands the country will offer to the FULANI. I hear a lot of people mention that Fulani groups are minority groups in Nigeria, yet the government would likely enforce the Land Use Decree section 28 to make this possible. This section of the land use act empowers government to compulsorily acquire land anywhere for overriding public interest.

The BiG question here is this? is it in Public interest that the private enterprise of FULANI meat makers be secured on anybody’s land? Should people and communities be “Accommodating” to these proposed way-forward?

To me I think we are all just plain scared? We are not trying to improve inter-tribal relations but we just want to stop the FULANIS from killing us.


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