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A little bit behind schedule but as promised I have read Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog.” I thought I would be bored and abandon the book. I am truly happy I made a decision to read and share with you.
Another name I would probably give this book is “Your personal life fixer.” It teaches you to act on your decisions right now, you would probably drop procrastination. If don’t want to stop procrastinating, DON’T READ this book.

Get Fixed

The book is written to almost seem like it can fix your life, right now. I think it could achieve that if you follow the principles.  One of the most important parts of the book that I noticed was the “do your homework” section. The principle here is to spend a little bit of your time everyday learning about your field. Go to conferences, take courses, read books and be knowledgeable about your work. The chances that you would take action more effectively increases when you understand your work exceptionally well.

We all Procrastinate

Surprised? I was too. There is just so much time for so many tasks that have to be done, so we all procrastinate some things. Brian teaches you to prioritize and procrastinate on the right things. He also teaches you to take action on the most efficient activities that are inextricably linked to your progress, success, and career.  You even start to feel good about who you are and who you are becoming.

In his words:

“The difference between high performers and low performers is largely determined by what they choose to procrastinate on. Since you must procrastinate anyway, decide today to procrastinate on low-value activities. Decide to procrastinate, outsource, delegate, and eliminate those activities that don’t make much of a contribution to your life in any case. Get rid of the tadpoles and focus on the frogs.”

“Identify What Matters Most”

This is is one of the first principles the book teaches. Especially when we think about consequences. Sometimes we just need to understand what could potentially be lost. Ask yourself what you stand to lose by not following through with every actvitiy you have to do. Determine which would cost you the most, those that affect your work or business profit. This should help you act on the most important tasks.

Brian Tracy recommends this question

“If you won the lottery or otherwise came into an enormous amount of money and you could choose any job or any part of a job to do for the indefinite future, what work would you choose? What sort of preparation would you have to engage in to be able to do that work in an excellent fashion? Whatever your answer, get started today.”

This is the flip side of consequences. If you had all the incentive you needed right now, what would you absolutely do?

Motivate Yourself: Act Now

Remember that no one can motivate you better than yourself. “Only about 2 percent of people can work entirely without supervision. We call these people “leaders.” This is the kind of person you are meant to be.”

I was really happy to read this part of the book because for as long as I can remember, I have only performed best by working under my own supervision. It feels good to know that you are not moved by external forces to achieve your own goals or dreams. There is this sense of fulfillment and self worth it gives you.  “Successful people continually put the pressure on themselves to perform at high levels. Unsuccessful people have to be instructed and supervised and pressured by others.”
Attend to responsibilities and constraints the same way. Focus on the most immediate and important one till you are done with it.

Make it Count

One of the keys to high levels of performance and productivity is for you to make every minute count. Use travel and transition time, what are often called “gifts of time,” to complete small chunks of larger tasks.
A double-minded man cannot receive anything from God (James 1:7). This scripture just came into perspective as I read “Single handed Eve Task.” You have to understand the need to focus entirely on a single task without being distracted by others. Single handling requires that once you begin a task, you keep working at it without diversion or distraction, until the job is 100 percent complete. You keep urging yourself onward by repeating the words “Back to work!” over and over whenever you are tempted to stop or do something else.

I believe it is very difficult to accomplish any task when my mind keeps running to other things I would rather be doing. If there is any alternative to what you are doing right now, then stop and go do that thing.

Know when to stop

Whenever you feel overtired and overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, stop yourself and just say, “All I can do is all I can do.” You can only be as productive as the amount of rest you allow your body and mind to have.

Quick Quiz:

1. What am I doing physically that I should do more of?

2. What am I doing that I should do less of?

3. What am I not doing that I should start doing if I want to perform at my best?

4. What am I doing today that affects my health that I should stop doing altogether?

Whatever your answers are to these questions, take action today.

There is this section I have a problem with in page 46 where he talks about optimism and divides people around you into those who don’t care about your problems (80%) and those who are happy you have those problems (20%). Sounds like a terrible world to me, how can one be optimistic with this kind of knowledge? I think we all need people who care about us and who can share in our problems.

Sometimes the person who relieves you of an undesirable task is just doing it because they care. If you cannot make people care then it would be hard to delegate and share responsibilities. This and a few other issues I would want to tackle Brian about if we ever meet.



There is a compilation of the twenty one rules for beating procrastination at the end of this book and I would advice that you write it out or take a picture of it. This image or representation of the rules should be in a place where you can see and act on them immediately.

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