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For the past 10+ years of my life, I have found it absolutely important to keep a diary and set goals.

I have found that despite my lack of good revisit habits, I unconsciously tread my path towards the goals I have set and written down.

As early as my 11th birthday or thereabout, I had absolutely fallen in love with music and wanted to play the saxophone. 12 years after, I have learnt to play the recorder, harmonica, clarinet and finally the saxophone all on my own.

The greatest asset for any dream is a written pact to achieve!

I am now a graduate of Estate management, I have set a goal for myself to be one of the voices to be heard when it comes to shelter for Nigerians and Africans in 5+ years from 2015.

What goals have you set today?

This blog I stumbled upon reinforces my belief that a goal written is half achieved. Take your time to go through the SWOT analysis and goal setting exercises on that blog, deny your innate desire to be a spectator in the Amphi-theatre of life and grab the Bull by the balls!


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